2009 MSA Testing Data for Middle Schools

The Maryland State Department of Education released statistics from the Maryland School Assessments today. The tests of reading and math are taken by elementary and middle school students. A student is considered "proficient" if he or she earns a "proficient" or "advanced" rating on the test. This year's results continue a trend of increasing test scores.

HowardMiddle SchoolReading91.4
WorcesterMiddle SchoolReading90.8
CalvertMiddle SchoolReading90.4
CarrollMiddle SchoolReading90.1
MontgomeryMiddle SchoolReading88.2
FrederickMiddle SchoolReading87.6
WashingtonMiddle SchoolReading86.7
HarfordMiddle SchoolReading86.6
Quenn Anne'sMiddle SchoolReading86.6
Anne ArundelMiddle SchoolReading85.4
GarrettMiddle SchoolReading83.2
St. Mary'sMiddle SchoolReading83
TalbotMiddle SchoolReading82.3
AlleganyMiddle SchoolReading82
Baltimore County Middle SchoolReading81.6
CarolineMiddle SchoolReading81.5
KentMiddle SchoolReading81.4
CharlesMiddle SchoolReading80.6
WicomicoMiddle SchoolReading78.8
CecilMiddle SchoolReading77.5
SomersetMiddle SchoolReading75
DorchesterMiddle SchoolReading74.7
Prince George'sMiddle SchoolReading71.3
Baltimore CityMiddle SchoolReading65.3
WorcesterMiddle SchoolMath89.2
HowardMiddle SchoolMath86.9
CarrollMiddle SchoolMath83.6
WashingtonMiddle SchoolMath83.6
CalvertMiddle SchoolMath83.5
St. Mary'sMiddle SchoolMath82.1
FrederickMiddle SchoolMath80.2
Queen Anne'sMiddle SchoolMath80.1
Anne ArundelMiddle SchoolMath79.1
GarrettMiddle SchoolMath77.9
MontgomeryMiddle SchoolMath77.7
CarolineMiddle SchoolMath76.8
HarfordMiddle SchoolMath74.7
AlleganyMiddle SchoolMath72.5
Charles Middle SchoolMath71.8
TalbotMiddle SchoolMath71.2
Baltimore CountyMiddle SchoolMath70.9
CecilMiddle SchoolMath70.3
WicomicoMiddle SchoolMath68.8
KentMiddle SchoolMath66.6
DorchesterMiddle SchoolMath66.2
SomersetMiddle SchoolMath64.5
Prince George'sMiddle SchoolMath54.5
Baltimore CountyMiddle SchoolMath47.1

Source: Maryland State Department of Education

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