Will anything change?

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Was the blowout a freak accident?

By Joel Achenbach
Deep-water drilling: Plumbing the depths of unknown consequences

Concerns might already be drying up

By Steven Mufson
Will the oil spill make a drop of difference in the long run?

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From the Editor

Few issues are more critical to Washington, the nation and the world than the choices we make about how we find, create and use energy. President Obama has pledged to end America's worrisome dependence on foreign oil. Leaders in Congress and business hope to focus the nation's entrepreneurial ingenuity on finding more affordable and environmentally friendly ways to heat our homes, run our businesses and power our vehicles.

Conference Video Clips

Members of Congress discuss the energy bill.


Government and industry officials talk about what comes next. Will drilling resume?


"The Vampire Diaries" & "Lost" actor speaks about using social media for green causes.

The Panelists continue the conversation

"We had three days a week in the situation room, the deputy secretaries from all affected agencies working on this..."
David J. Hayes
Deputy Secretary of Interior


"If you want more clean, reliable and cheap electricity in large amounts, you build nuclear power plants..."
Sen. Lamar Alexander


"China is eating our breakfast and moving on to our lunch and dinner in the renewable energy field."
Rep. Edward J. Markey

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