Weight loss comes
at a high price

After her weight hit the obese range, Melissa Moss, veteran of a decade of failed diets, decided she needed intensive help. But after running up $4000 in credit card debt paying for the program, her insurer refused to cover it.
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With insurers slow to coverage obesity treatment,
patients often must foot the bill.

Worst foods,
by calorie

Worst foods, by calorie

Sometimes American restaurants unveil menu items that are so over the top that they seem to be trying to stun the senses.

Inside the White House kitchen

Inside the White House kitchen

White House chef Sam Kass gets behind the first lady's "Let's Move" initiative to improve eating habits.

My Time:
Fit 'n fat

My Time: Fit 'n fat

"If only I could lose 10 pounds" -- this is the lifelong obsession of many scale-watchers.

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Health in the news--and in your life. Jennifer LaRue Huget and Rob Stein take a look at the science of obesity.

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Young Lives at Risk: Our Overweight Children

Five-Part Washington Post Series: One-third of U.S. children are overweight, leaving the health and productivity of an entire generation at risk.

Live Chat

Morgan Downey, Obesity Policy Consultant

Read the archive of the chat on obesity treatment and health care reform.

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