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The Dance of Life

Restaurant kitchens are physical places, where grace is a key ingredient to success. Here’s a look at the cooks’ moves at CityZen, in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Southwest, where chef Eric Ziebold adds elegant efficiency to the menu. Read the article.

This is a story about the grace behind restaurant service.
This timelapse shows the choreography of the kitchen at CityZen, where timing is everything and a cook's moves matter just as much as his marinara. After the timelapse ends, you’ll be able to explore seven of the moments in depth. You’ll hear from chef Eric Ziebold, who explains the delicate efficiency of the kitchen, and learn about how the coordination at CityZen extends into all areas of service.


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"We brought in a ballet consultant a couple of years ago to work with the staff."

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Brain surgeons, watch his finger dexterity and weep.



He doesn't want to interrupt the guests' conversation, so he times his trips to the table with the server's…



When you see all the cooks slipping into their maneuvers, it's like looking into a clockworks.

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"The biggest challenge we have is inconsistency."

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The dance may change every night, but part of what brings the cooks back is the elusive quest for excellence.

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By Ben de la Cruz, Grace Koerber, Kat Downs, Alexandra Garcia and Sarah Kaufman - The Washington Post.

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