Dealing out casino skills

Before dealer wannabes learn to calculate payouts or run a craps table, they have to master some basic skills.
Pat Brewster, a casino shift manager at Maryland Live Casino and a dealer school instructor, demonstrates three of them.

Select a skill to see the technique:


You call them chips; dealers call them cheques. Either way, dividing clay disks into short piles quickly and by feel is the first skill a dealer trainee learns and is one of the most important.

Spinning the
roulette ball

Just four revolutions of the ball around the edge of the roulette wheel are required for a spin to be legal, but a professional’s spin has much more oomph and makes a satisfying whoosh.

Shuffling and dealing

Shuffling machines can break, so dealers need to learn the elaborate ritual of properly shuffling six or eight decks together to place into a “shoe” from which they will deal the cards.

GRAPHIC: Bonnie Berkowitz and Alberto Cuadra. VIDEO: Zoeann Murphy and Jayne Orenstein - The Washington Post. Published April 7, 2013.

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