District charters and their under-used public school neighbors

In 2011, four in 10 of the District's 76,000 students attended a publicly-funded, independently operated charter school. At least some of their growth has come at the expense of the traditional school system. Most under-utilized traditional schools are east of the Anacostia river. None are west of Rock Creek. Related article

Traditional schools in the District
Under-utilized: Enrollment less than 40% of capacity 40% - 80%Others: Over 80%

  • Charter schools
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  • KIPP DC: Discover
  • Imagine Southeast
  • Achievement Prep Academy
  • KIPP DC: Leap
  • Friendship Woodridge
  • Center City Petworth

SOURCE: DC OCTO, Staff reporting. GRAPHIC: Ted Mellnik, Gene Thorp, Bill Turque and Sisi Wei - The Washington Post. Published August 21, 2012.

Notes: Students are Oct. 2011 audited enrollment from the Office of the State Superintendent of Education. Utilization is based on school capcity from DC.gov.