The inauguration of Barack Obama, then and now

Washington Post photographers revisit scenes from President Obama's first inauguration to see how this year compares. See more of this year's photos in our inauguration gallery.

The crowd fills the Capitol’s West Lawn and the Mall beyond during the inauguration.

Toni L. Sandys, Marvin Joseph - The Washington Post

Crowds gather on the Mall for President Obama’s swearing-in ceremony. The view is from behind the inaugural podium on the west front of the Capitol.

Bill O'Leary - The Washinton Post

President Obama takes the oath of office.

Ricky Carioti - The Washington Post

Dignitaries fill the stands on the Capitol as Obama gives his inaugural address.

Bill O'Leary - The Washington Post

President Obama and Vice President Biden and their spouses, Michelle Obama and Jill Biden, watch the colors go by as they stand on the steps of the Capitol.

Marvin Joseph - The Washington Post

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama prepare to dance at an inaugural ball.

Richard A. Lipski - The Washington Post, Jonathan Ernst - Reuters

GRAPHIC: Hilary Fung - The Washington Post. Published Jan. 21, 2013.