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Violence begets violence in D.C.

The March 30 drive-by shootings that claimed the lives of at least three -- a fourth remains unconscious -- in Southeast D.C. can be traced back to a gathering at which a man lost track of a bracelet. The confusion over the whereabouts of that bracelet, Post reporting and court filings shows, led to more mayhem, some of it deadly, in the following nine days.

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Cast of characters
Sanquan "Bootsy" Carter, 19

Instigates March 22 shooting because he thinks someone stole his bracelet; suspected of firing a .380 handgun in the March 22 shooting at 1333 Alabama Ave

Orlando Carter, 20

Sanquan's brother, fired an AK-47 at March 22 shooting; survives a gunshot to the head from a gunman suspected of trying to avenge Jordan Howe's death; driver of minivan in March 30 drive-by shooting

Jeffrey Best, 21

Friend of Orlando; wielded a 12-gauge shotgun while wearing a ninja mask at March 22 shooting; one of two men who removed the AK-47 and shotgun from Irving Street apartment; fired 9mm pistol in March 30 shooting

Nathaniel Simms, 26

Friend of Orlando; driver of getaway car at March 22 shooting; along with Best, took the AK-47 and shotgun from Irving Street apartment; fired the AK-47 in March 30 shooting; cooperating with authorities

Robert Bost, 21

Fired .45-caliber semiautomatic in March 30 shooting

Lamar Williams, 21

Provided .380-caliber pistol and a 12-gauge shotgun used in March 22 shooting; described as a "wannabe thug"; showed Best how to use the shotgun for March 22 shooting; at Orlando Carter's behest, stored weapons after the March 22 shooting; stored the AK-47 and shotgun used in the March 30 shooting


A woman about 40 years old, called "Ma" by neighbors; thought of as a godmother by Orlando Carter; lived in duplex where Orlando Carter stored his AK-47; rented minivan used in March 30 shooting; cooperating with authorities

"Baby Boy"

Lived in Irving Street SE apartment where shooters fled after the Alabama Avenue attack; gunmen left the AK-47 and shotgun here after that shooting

Jordan Howe, 20

Killed inside a car parked in front of Alabama avenue site early on March 22

DaVaughn Boyd, 18

Killed in drive-by shooting

Brishell Jones, 16

Killed in drive-by shooting

William Jones III, 19

Killed in drive-by shooting

Tavon Nelson, 17

Killed during a robbery attempt by Best and Bost before March 30 shooting; had a semiautomatic handgun Carter wanted to use in the last shooting

SOURCE: Staff reports, court filings; CREDITS: Paul Duggan, Kat Downs, David Marino-Nachison, Laris Karklis and Bill Webster - The Washington Post. Illustrations by William Hennessy Jr. for the Washington Post.
The full story
Prelude to a tragedy

The carnage of March 30 took half a minute. But a lot of lethal scheming and prior mayhem gave rise to it -- a lot of low-watt thinking and impulsive vengeance unfolding over the previous nine days in an underworld of dope-peddling and casual murder.

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