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Is life getting better or worse?
In changing times, varied perceptions

Over the past 30 years, the United States has changed rapidly. Population growth has altered the size and makeup of our cities, the recession has caused massive job losses, and the income gap between rich and poor has widened. Here, we take a look at how people's perceptions of change in their area match up with the way things really are. Let us know what you think:

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Percent growth from 2000-10:

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Unemployment rate in August 2011:

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Median household income in 2010:

More than $60,000


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Median household income as a percentage of the highest level in the country

Highest Population

Mississippi had the lowest income in the country in 2010, with the median household bringing in $36,851.
North Dakota had the lowest unemployment rate of any state, with only 3.3 percent in 2010.
Michigan was the only state that actually lost population in the 2010 census. The population dropped by .6% percent, cutting the population by 54,804 people.

Fastest growing

High Unemployment

The median household income in Maryland was $68,854 in 2010, the highest of any state.
The unemployment rate in Nevada was 14.9 percent in 2010, the highest in the country.
Nevada grew by 35.1 percent from 2000 to 2010, faster than any other state. It now has a population of 2,700,551 people. California still has the highest population of any state, with 37,253,956 people.

How states rank:

Highest Population

Fastest growing

Lowest unemployment

Highest income*

*Household income

NOTE: This is not a scientific survey. It reflects the opinions of Washington Post readers who have submitted ratings. Comments are moderated so it may take a few minutes for them to show up on this page. SOURCE: U.S. Census, Bureau of Labor Statistics. GRAPHIC: Kat Downs and Dan Keating - The Washington Post. Published Oct. 29, 2011. Contact us with questions or comments.

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