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Recession hitting Ohio's former steel towns hard

The once-booming Rust Belt began hemorrhaging manufacturing jobs thirty years ago. Now in the midst of a national recession, this Northeast Ohio towns along the Mahoning River is left to wonder what happened and what's next.

Bailing out

Former Interim Asst. Secretary of Treasury Neel Kashkari is decompressing in Truckee, Calif. after being in charge of the 700-billion-dollar bailout plan. As part of his daily regimen, Kashkari chops firewood using fallen trees from his property.

From house to homelessness

Single mother Daverena White took a chance on a $698,000 home. But circumstances soured from there. Her story is one of an America in the midst of a relentless real estate boom.

Life, Interrupted

When Melissa Meyer graduated from summa cum laude from George Washington University, she never anticipated finding a job would become such a challenge that she would return home, unemployed, to Missoula, Montana.

Squeaking by

Life in Laura Steins's $2.5 million house was built on the premise of two incomes, not the income of a divorced mother of three in a tanked economy. Her property taxes are $35,000 a year, the nanny is $40,000 and the gardener is $500 a month.

Open Space, Open Jobs

Janet Morgan and thousands of others have moved to North Dakota this year, which is enjoying a new reputation as a haven amid economic collapse nationwide.

The Rural Recession

Independent logger Clarence "Sunnyman" Primm is struggling to keep his business afloat as ripples of the economic downturn continue to affect his small Alabama community.

Life on the Firing Squad

The Five O'Clock Club is operating at the epicenter of the economic crisis, and business is booming for the outplacement firm that both coaches companies on how to downsize and helps the newly unemployed.

Running Out of Options

After losing their jobs, Scott and Kelly Nichols watched their finances and options dwindle, eventually making the tough decision to move their family to Kelly's mother's basement in Michigan.

About This Series

As the recession continues, so does the fallout. How are its poorest victims coping? Its richest? Who is hurting? Who is thriving? Character by character, Washington Post reporters provide answers in a series of intimate profiles.

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