The Hidden Life of Guns -
A Washington Post investigation

A Source of Crime Guns

Since 1992, more than 2,500 guns recovered by police and tied to crimes in the Washington area have been traced back to their original sale at Realco Guns in Forestville, Md. The total is four times that of the dealer with the next highest number of gun traces.

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» See how Realco Guns compares to other high-volume Maryland gun dealers.

By Wilson Andrews, Mary Kate Cannistra, Ben de la Cruz, David S. Fallis, Lauren Keane, Todd Lindeman and Brenna Maloney - The Washington Post, October 24, 2010.
SOURCES: Washington Post analysis and comparison of police gun recovery logs from the District of Columbia and Prince George's and State of Maryland gun sales records. Gun recovery logs in the District are 1992-2009 and in Prince George's 1994-2010. State records include guns sold since 1985.
NOTE: Post analysis includes only Maryland dealers of handguns and assault rifles (guns regulated in Maryland). Guns listed as recovered by police were tracked through serial numbers and other gun characteristics to the licensed dealer that last sold the firearm. Police gun recovery logs include some guns recovered by other regional law enforcement agencies sent to the District or Prince George's firearms examination units. Prince George's logs, for example, include some guns recovered in Montgomery County, primarily 1997-2003.