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Election 2010

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*Includes two independent incumbents who caucus with Democrats. SOURCES: AP, U.S. Census Bureau
GRAPHIC: Kat Downs, Dan Keating, Karen Yourish and Nathaniel Vaughn Kelso. Please email us with questions or suggestions.
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Election results from the 2008 and 2010 House races.


Use this tool to view election history and analyze key demographics.

Candidate profiles
Alabama House District 2 - Bobby Bright - Martha RobyHawaii House District 1 - Charles K. Djou - Colleen HanabusaIndiana House District 9 - Baron P. Hill - Todd YoungIowa House District 3 - Leonard L. Boswell - Brad ZaunMissippi House District 1 - Travis Childers - Alan NunneleeNevada House District 3 - Joseph J. Heck - Dina TitusNew Mexico House District 2 - Stevan E. Pearce - Harry TeagueOhio House District 16 - John Boccieri - Jim RenacciSouth Carolina House District 5 - John 'Mick' Mulvaney - John SprattCalifornia Senate - Barbara Boxer - Carly S. FiorinaColorado Senate - Michael Bennet - Ken BuckConneticut Senate - Richard Blumenthal - Linda E. McMahonDelaware Senate - Chris Coons - Christine O'DonnellIllinois Senate - Alexi Giannoulias - Mark KirkKentucky Senate - Jack Conway - Rand PaulMissouri Senate - Roy Blunt - Robin CarnahanNevada Senate - Sharron Angle - Harry M. ReidNew Hampshire Senate - Kelly Ayotte - Paul_W._HodesPennsylvania Senate - Joe Sestak - Patrick ToomeyWashington Senate - Patty Murray - Dino RossiWest Virginia Senate - Joe Manchin III - John RaeseWisconsin Senate - Russell Feingold - Ron Johnson