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State of the Union 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Obama: 'The future is ours to win'

President Obama sought to rouse the nation from complacency in his State of the Union address Tuesday, urging innovation and reforms that he said are vital to keep the United States a global leader.


Washington Post opinions

...making America more open for business addresses just one part of our national economic decline."

Breaking down the address

We look at the broad themes of the president's address, how the public views his handling of the issues and which lines got the best responses.

Excerpts from the prepared speech

Will other countries notice Obama's not into foreign policy?

His audience last night was not only in the United States, but in Moscow, Tehran, and elsewhere.

Bachmann: We're in the 'early days of a history-making turn'

Her criticism of the country's current course was directed almost solely at Obama himself. up.

Dissecting FLOTUS's guest box

The guests in the first lady's guest box reflect major themes in President Obama's State of the Union address.

Ryan's response: Big government is ruining America

If we keep spending, America's best days are behind her, says the GOP lawmaker.

Big laughs at Uncle Sam's expense

Obama scored one of his biggest laughs by ticking off examples of government redundancies.

Who went with whom?

The State of the Union became a second-grade Valentine exchange, or the homecoming dance.

Archived Chat: Analysis by
The Post's Robert G. Kaiser

Post Associate Editor Robert G. Kaiser analyzes President Obama's State of the Union address.

Take the SOTU trivia quiz!

'Think you know everything about the State of the Union? Here's your chance to prove it.

Obama: 'Don't ask, don't tell' to formally end this year

"Starting this year, no American will be forbidden from serving the country they love because of who they love," Obama said Tuesday night.

Poll: Which promises will be kept?

Tell us how likely you think it is that the examples stated in President Obama's speech will be kept.

Tracking Obama's promises

Here, in order of delivery, is a summary of the key proposals, pledges or priorities announced by Obama a year ago--and what happened to them.

The people behind the speech

Who Runs Gov takes a look at four of President Obama's top speechwriters.

State of the Union 2010

Complete coverage of the 2010 State of the Union.

'Sputnik moment' as innovation stalls

Over the past decade, innovation in America stalled in almost every sector, say scholars.

Where have we heard that before?

Obama's SOTU catchphrase, 'win the future,' sounds oddly familiar. Newt Gingrich could tell you why.

The SOTU is over. Now what?

President Obama's second State of the Union address is in the books. Let the analysis begin.

Can we win the future if we lose now?

The economy isn't currently growing fast enough to bring down the unemployment rate. But the administration expects that it will be growing that fast very soon.

The history behind 'date night'

The idea of cross party-seating has been around since the mid-1990s.

Obama challenges the nation
-- and Republicans

President Obama and his party may have suffered a historic defeat in November's midterm elections, but in his State of the Union address on Tuesday night, he was anything but on the defensive.

SOTU was comfort food for the digitally overloaded

State of the Union theatrics are now tweeted, dissected, fact-checked, mocked, praised and parodied, and then all of that is retweeted even before the president uttered a word of it on live television.

Obama seized control

Of course, there's still that niggling problem of unemployment, which will outlast the glow of Obama's speech.

Grading the State of the Union

America, President Obama emphasized in his State of the Union address, must really be open for business.

Archived Discussion

Click here to view discussion and analysis of this year's State of the Union address by a group of Post readers.

Blog Archive from the State of the Union

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Photos and Video

Full video of 2011 State of the Union address

Video | Watch the president's 2011 speech start in its entirety.

State of the Union Cartoon Caption Contest

Photos | We received nearly 2,000 entries for Tom Toles's Cartoon Caption Contest pegged to President Obama's State of the Union address. See Toles's top ten picks and find out who the winner is.

State of the Union guests since 1982

Photos | A look at some of the guests honored at the annual State of the Union address since President Ronald Reagan introduced the practice in 1982.

The State of the Union's history

Photos | Technology and partisanship have transformed the State of the Union over the past century. Here's a look back.

2011 State of the Union preview

Video | Watch the president's 2011 preview speech.

Full video of 2010 State of the Union address

Video | Watch the president's 2010 speech start to finish as he lays out initiatives including a jobs bill, health-care reform and education programs.


Political Tools

Breaking down the 2011 SOTU

Take a look at the broad themes of the president's address, how the public views his handling of the issues and which lines got the best response.

Congressional votes databaase

The U.S. Congress Votes Database documents every vote and member of the House and Senate since 1991.

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Democrats had more money than Republicans in the contests for 63 seats that flipped to the GOP in 2010. But Republicans invested more in their own campaigns and benefited from more interest-group spending.

Tea Party Tracker

Only two tea party groups officially endorsed candidates in the 2010 elections at the national level: Freedom Works and Tea Party Express.The Post's interactive map shows how many of their candidates won and how many lost.

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