Snaring the Lion of the Senate


Securing Ted Kennedy's endorsement proved crucial to Obama's fight against Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries. » Read More

Part One

A Political Odyssey

“The way I would tell the story would really have to do with what this campaign said about America and where we've traveled,” Obama said.

Part Two

'High Risk, High Reward'

Hoping to shake up his campaign, John McCain took a surprising gamble on a relative unknown from Alaska.

  • Balz, Johnson on 'Meet the Press'
  • Multimedia

    Obama reflects on the journey and lessons of the campaign.


    Chris Cillizza moderates a conversation with Haynes Johnson and Dan Balz.


    Balz shares his own photos from campaign trail.

    Dan Balz's Top 10 Takes
    Live Discussion

    Balz and Johnson

    The authors took questions Tuesday about the presidential campaign from Iowa through Election Day.
    About The Authors
    Dan Balz

    Balz is the lead political reporter for The Washington Post. He has also served as the paper's national editor, political editor, and White House correspondent.

    Haynes Johnson

    Johnson holds the Knight Chair in Journalism at the University of Maryland. He's a former reporter and editor for the Post and is a Pulitzer Prize winner.

    About the Book

    Battle for America 2008 tells the story of the 2008 campaign from the inside out, with exclusive interviews with the candidates and their top strategists that produce intimate portraits of Obama, Clinton, and McCain. Buy the book at Amazon.com.

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