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2012 Election Map: Governors’ race ratings

Republicans currently hold the advantage in the nation's governorships, and their majority is only likely to grow in November — possibly to the point where the GOP would control two-thirds of governor's seats. Of the 11 seats up for grabs, eight are held by Democrats and all the most competitive states are currently in the Democratic column. Read analysis by The Fix.



Race ratings by The Fix

  •  not up for election*
  •  solid
  •  tossup
  •  solid
  •  not up for election

current Democrats

current Independent

current Republicans

Number of seats

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  •  won in close races
  • |

Needed to win: 270

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Lean Democrat

Solid Democrat


Lean Republican

Solid Republican

of potential voters
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Who lives there

2012 candidates

Non-race year

How they voted

Year Party Winner Votes Pct

* Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee is an independent, but supporting President Obama in 2012.

SOURCES: SOURCES: AP; U.S. Census; Bureau of Labor Statistics; National Conference of State Legislatures; Ohio Secretary of State's Office; Oklahoma State Election Board; D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics. Map powered by Leaflet.
GRAPHIC: Wilson Andrews, Aaron Blake, Laris Karklis, Ted Mellnik, Serdar Tumgoren, Sisi Wei and Karen Yourish - The Washington Post. Published Sept. 18, 2012.

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