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2012 Election Map: The race for the presidency

The presidential race will be decided in a few key states. Race, income and unemployment could have an impact on the outcome. Explore the swing states, the solid strongholds -- and everything in between. Read analysis by The Fix | Video

Barack Obama

Mitt Romney

Electoral vote projections by The Fix

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  •  toss-up
  •  leaning
  •  solid

Needed to win: 270

Number of electoral votes

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  •  won in close races
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Needed to win: 270

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Electoral votes

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Who lives there

How they voted

Year Party Winner Votes Pct

NOTE: A close race is a race with less than 5% margin of victory. * Nebraska and Maine award a portion of their electoral votes by congressional district. In 2008, Obama won the Omaha-based 2nd Congressional District, which yielded him one of Nebraska's five electoral votes.

The Fix breaks down the electoral map

Oct. 10: The path to 270 electoral votes

May 16: The Fix's initial projections

Tossup states

SOURCES: AP; U.S. Census; Bureau of Labor Statistics; National Conference of State Legislatures; Ohio Secretary of State's Office; Oklahoma State Election Board; D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics. Map powered by Leaflet.
GRAPHIC: Wilson Andrews, Chris Cillizza, Laris Karklis, Ted Mellnik, Serdar Tumgoren, Sisi Wei and Karen Yourish - The Washington Post. Published May 16, 2012.

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