You cut, Congress decides

House Republicans say their YouCut program gave the public a voice in choosing what cuts should be made to the federal budget. Voting is held once a week on the YouCut Web site. From 2011 to 2012, 36 winning ideas — worth $252.8 billion in cuts over 10 years — were chosen by online voters. Of the 36 ideas, each sponsored by Republicans in the GOP-controlled House, only two became law. Read related article.

Thirty-four did not become law

Legislative outcome of winning idea

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About the YouCut sponsored bill

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details of each YouCut idea

Estimated 10-year savings:


Targeted agency/department:


Top 10 federal departments or agencies targeted

Total cuts over 10 years, in billions

NOTE: In addition to the Top 10, 11 other departments or agencies (not charted) were targeted. Each had only one sponsored bill worth about $1 billion or less in cuts over 10 years.
SOURCE: YouCut, Congressional Budget Office, staff reports.
GRAPHIC: Emily Chow, Todd Lindeman and David Fahrenthold - The Washington Post. Published March 22, 2013.

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