GOP focuses on Hispanics

With Republicans' traditional white-male base shrinking, party strategists talk with increasing urgency about wooing Hispanics. (Washington Post) Full story »

GOP wildfires

Photo gallery | With one vote, Assembly Member Adams became a symbol of the destructive divisions that mark the state party.


A Shifting Electorate

Use the time slider to see how candidates have fared in elections over the past 50 years.

Discussion: State of the GOP

I don't think the governors race results had much relevance to the popularity of the GOP as a whole. I think that because of the current economic bad times, all incumbent governors are in danger of being swept out. -- catherine3
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The elections of 2006 and 2008 left the Republican Party in shambles, but a year after Barack Obama won the White House, the GOP has begun to revive. The Grand Old Party, however, has not regained the confidence of voters, lacking both a positive agenda and a new generation of identifiable leaders. In coming weeks, The Post will explore the state of the Republican Party in a series of occasional stories, interactives and multimedia.

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