Health Care Reform 2010

President Obama has opened the high-stakes health-care summit he hopes will break the political gridlock stalling a U.S. medical system overhaul. (The Associated Press)
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Introductory remarks | Cost containment | Insurance exchanges | McCain, Obama return to campaign mode | Obama, GOP draw clear lines on reform | Insurance reforms | The truth about Massachusetts | Summit shifts to deficit reduction | Discussion turns to coverage | Fact Check on Grassley and Individual Mandate | Closing thoughts

President Obama opening remarks | Sen. Alexander opening remarks | House Speaker Pelosi's opening remarks | Senate Majority Leader Reid's opening remarks | Obama, Alexander on costs | Sen. Coburn on cost containment | Rep. Hoyer on the Democratic bill | Rep. Kline on health-care and small business | Sen. Baucus on comparing bills | Rep. Camp on cost containment | Rep. Andrews on cutting health-care costs | Rep. Ryan on regulation | Sen. Schumer on Medicare, Medicaid | Sen. Kyl on CBO estimates | Sen. Clyburn on cost containment | President Obama on insurance coverage | Rep. Boustany on medical practice costs | Rep. Miller on preexisting conditions | Sen. McCain on bipartisanship | Secretary Sebelius on insurance rates | Rep. Cantor on insurance regulation | Rep. Slaughter on preexisting conditions | President Obama adjourns meeting after lunch break | Sen. Enzi on Medicare | Sen. Harkin on health savings accounts | Rep. Camp on insurance reform | Sen. Rockefeller on preexisting conditions | Rep. Blackburn on buying insurance across state lines | Vice President Biden on the cost of reform | Rep. Ryan on health inflation | Sen. McCain on health inflation | Sen. Coburn, President Obama on Medicare | Rep. Becerra on CBO | Sen. Grassley on Medicare | Sen. Conrad on Medicare | Minority Leader Boehner on individual mandates | Rep. Cooper on health inflation | Sen. McCain, President Obama on medical malpractice reform | Sen. Durbin on medical malpractice reform | President Obama switches topics to coverage | Rep. Barrasso on coverage | Sen. Waxman on health-care costs | Rep. Roskam on Medicaid | President Obama on Medicaid | Sen. Dodd on coverage | Reb. Barton on mandates | Sen. Wyden on interstate coverage | Sen. McConnell suggests starting over | Sen. Murray on cummunity health centers | Sen. Rangel on benefits of health summit | Rep. Dingell makes case for reform | House Speaker Pelosi closing remarks | President Obama closing remarks

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•   Exra Klein: Tip Sheet
•  The Fix: Morning Fix: What to Watch
•  The Rundown: Are expectations too high?

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