Spending in key House and Senate races

See how much was spent — and whether spending paid off — in the most competitive House and Senate races of 2012. Spending totals include money spent by campaigns, national parties and outside groups in the final months before the election. Races are listed in order of total money spent.

Democrat won race
Democrat spent most
Republican won race
Republican spent most
  • U.S. Senate races
  • U.S. House races
Candidate Estimated spending Race Estimated spending Candidate
Candidate Estimated spending Race Estimated spending Candidate

* Angus King and Bill Bloomfield both ran as Independents. King plans to caucus with Democrats in the Senate.

NOTE: Estimates of candidate money include cash on hand as of Oct 17 and spending from July 1 or the first post-primary report, whichever is later. Interest group and party totals include spending reported to the FEC after Sept 1.

SOURCE: Center for Responsive Politics (outside spending), Federal Election Commission reports (candidate spending), Washington Post analysis (competitive races). GRAPHIC: T.W. Farnam and Katie Park - The Washington Post. Published Nov. 8, 2012.