Obama Year One

Leading during wartime

Even as Obama seeks to convey an image of a deliberate leader preoccupied with battle's human consequences, he has used military power at least as aggressively as his predecessor.
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High hopes and deferred dreams

[Barack Obama]

Stories of black Americans reflect debate over meaning of his presidency.

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The latest poll shows mixed reviews on race relations and Obama's job performance after his first year. Poll data


The test of pragmatism

After his first year in office, Obama must answer a question he posed to himself a month before he was inaugurated: Can he restore confidence in government?


Obama's favorite phrase

All politicians have their verbal tics but few resort to their crutches as often as Obama relies on his "let me be clear" set-up.

Mom-in-chief effect

Obama's definition of mom in chief was broader, more complicated and more nuanced than most had assumed.

  • 1/20/09: Inauguration speech
  • 2/24: First joint session of Congress
  • 6/4: Cairo speech
  • 9/9: Speech on health care before Congress
  • 12/1: Announces escalation in Afghanistan
  • 12/10: Nobel acceptance
  • 365 days and counting

    One year ago Barack Obama was inaugurated as the first African-American president in our nation's history. Now the Post offers a retrospective and an assessment of the president, the presidency and the state of the union.

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