Health care at the Supreme Court

A look at the questions the Supreme Court is considering — and how the four appellate courts that have ruled on challenges to the health-care law came down on them. Related articles.

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Issue 4th Circuit 6th Circuit 11th Circuit District of Columbia Circuit
Is the penalty equivalent to a tax that therefore — under the Anti-Injunction Act — cannot be challenged until it's actually levied? Did not address
Is the law’s individual insurance mandate constitutional?
If the individual insurance mandate is unconstitutional, should it be severed from the rest of the law, which will still stand? (And, if not, should all or just some of the law be invalidated along with the mandate?)
Is the law’s provision expanding Medicaid to cover a greater share of the poor constitutional?

SOURCE: Staff reports. GRAPHIC: N.C. Aizenman - The Washington Post. Published March 26, 2012.


Video: Supreme Court oral arguments

Video: Supreme Court oral arguments: Monday's health-care debate (89:19)

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