NBA Draft Tracker 2010: Round 1

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Pick Player Notes

1. Wizards
[John Wall] John Wall
G, Kentucky
6-4, 195
Wall has the best chance of becoming a franchise player of anyone in this year's draft. His combination of size at point guard and raw athleticism could quickly vault him into the elite group of young lead guards in the NBA. College stats

2. 76ers
[Evan Turner] Evan Turner
G, Ohio State
6-7, 205
A do-it-all swingman, Turner can play multiple positions and fill box scores in several categories. The 2009-10 national player of the year led the Buckeyes in points, rebounds and assists. College stats

3. Nets
[Derrick Favors] Derrick Favors
PF, Georgia Tech
6-10, 245
Remains raw -- especially on offense -- but is an elite big man who is only 18 years old and proved to be a capable rebounder and shot blocker in the ACC. If his scoring progresses, Favors could become the gem of the draft. College stats

4. T-wolves
[Wes Johnson] Wes Johnson
F, Syracuse
6-7, 205
Johnson became an elite prospect in his only season at Syracuse after transferring from Iowa State. His scoring and athleticism will make him an immediate contributor. College stats

5. Kings
[DeMarcus Cousins] DeMarcus Cousins
C, Kentucky
6-11, 270
Appears to be one of the most enigmatic players in the draft. He is a skilled interior player with outstanding size, but concerns about maturity and conditioning have kept Cousins out of the discussion for the top pick. College stats

6. Warriors
[Ekpe Udoh] Ekpe Udoh
C, Baylor
6-10, 240
There is no secret when it comes to the 23-year-old Udoh: Among the best shot blockers in the draft, whose nearly nine-foot reach will allow him to become an instant contributor on defense. College stats

7. Pistons
[Greg Monroe] Greg Monroe
F, Georgetown
6-11, 253
Monroe has been heralded as an elite draft prospect since he first arrived at Georgetown, although the always-good, seldom-dominant big man might still have his biggest strides ahead of him. College stats

8. Clippers
[Al-Farouq Aminu] Al-Farouq Aminu
F, Wake Forest
6-9, 215
Aminu is a terrific athlete and skilled rebounder who lacks an outside shot and consistent post game. He remains both raw and promising. College stats

9. Jazz (from Knicks via Suns)
[Gordon Hayward] Gordon Hayward
F, Butler
6-8, 207
Butler's run to the NCAA championship game boded well for Hayward, who displayed his all-around game to a national audience. He must prove he can guard opposing wing players in the NBA. College stats

10. Pacers
[Paul George] Paul George
F, Fresno State
6-8, 210
George has ascended up draft rankings this spring with a combination of size on the wing and proven scoring ability. But he has not played against elite competition during two years in the WAC. College stats

11. Thunder(from Hornets)
[Cole Aldrich] Cole Aldrich
C, Kansas
6-11, 245
Aldrich enters the draft as a proven defender, but as a junior, his potential does not appear as promising as some of the other elite big men available. Drafted by New Orleans, but rights were traded along with Morris Peterson to Oklahoma City for the Thunders' 21st and 26th picks. College stats

12. Grizzlies
[Xavier Henry] Xavier Henry
G, Kansas
6-6, 220
Henry left Kansas after a solid freshman season in which he exhibited his shooting range and ability to fit within a strong team. He enters the draft with an NBA-ready body. College stats

13. Raptors
[Ed Davis] Ed Davis
F, North Carolina
6-10, 225
An injury limited Davis throughout a sophomore season in which he was expected to star, but his size and shot-blocking ability will allow him to earn minutes while his game develops. College stats

14. Rockets
[Patrick Patterson] Patrick Patterson
F, Kentucky
6-9, 235
After staying in school, Patterson actually improved his draft stock despite becoming a secondary player on his team. Patterson presented versatility by proving he could play inside and outside. College stats

15. Bucks (from Bulls)
[Larry Sanders] Larry Sanders
6-11, 235
Sanders has a long body and established himself as a rebounder and shot blocker and college. He still must develop, but he does possess traits that the NBA covets. College stats

16. Blazers (from Nuggets via Bobcats and T-wolves)
[Luke Babbitt] Luke Babbitt
F, Nevada
6-9, 225
Babbitt proved himself as a scorer, shooter and rebounder during two seasons at Nevada. Was selected by Minnesota who traded his rights and Ryan Gomes to Portland for Martell Webster. College stats

17. Wizards (from Bucks via Bulls)
[Kevin Seraphin] Kevin Seraphin
F, France
6-9, 264
Seraphin is the top International player from a weak pool of foreign talent this season. He has size, but does not have much basketball experience. Career stats

18. Thunder (from Heat)
[Eric Bledsoe] Eric Bledsoe
G, Kentucky
6-1, 190
Bledsoe fit in Kentucky's rotation with the more decorated Wall, but he also proved to be a legitimate prospect. With outstanding speed and natural point guard abilities, Bledsoe's best days appear ahead of him. College stats

19. Celtics
[Avery Bradley] Avery Bradley
G, Texas
6-2, 180
Bradley was not a dominant player during his only season at Texas and still lacks a true position. But he will enter the NBA with outstanding perimeter defensive ability -- a rare attribute for a prospect -- and a developing offensive game. College stats

20. Spurs
[James Anderson] James Anderson
G, Oklahoma State
6-6, 215
Anderson can score from the wing and has an NBA-ready body. He thrived against a high level of competition and could develop into a serviceable NBA player. College stats

21. Hornets(from Thunder)
[Craig Brackins] Craig Brackins
F, Iowa State
6-10, 230
Brackins was a major prospect last spring before returning to Iowa State. His stock dropped, but he still has the scoring and rebounding ability. Orginally drafetd by the Thunder. His rights and those of the No. 26 pick were traded to the Hornets for the rights to No. 11-pick Cole Aldrich. College stats

22. Blazers
[Elliot Williams] Elliot Williams
G, Memphis
6-5, 180
Williams played one season at Duke and one season at Memphis and developed into an intriguing prospect. He can handle the ball and could possibly play both guard spots, while possessing strong scoring skills. College stats

23. Wizards (from 76ers via Jazz and
[Trevor Booker] Trevor Booker
F, Clemson
6-7, 240
Booker was a standout player in the ACC throughout much of his career, helping the Tigers to the NCAA tournament in three consecutive seasons. Wizards traded their 30th and 35th picks to Minnesota for his rights and the 56th pick. College stats

24. Nets (from Hawks)
[Damion James] Damion James
F, Texas
6-7, 225
James improved in each of his four seasons at Texas, although he remains stuck in the category between power forward and small forward. His production and athleticism will likely translate to the NBA in some capacity. The Hawks drafted him and traded his rights to the Nets for the No. 27 and No. 31 picks. College stats

25. Mavs (from Nuggets via Grizzlies)
[Dominique Jones] Dominique Jones
G, South Florida
6-4, 215
Jones is a proven scorer with a developed body. He will not star in the NBA, but he has the ability to find a role as one who could provide offense in a team's lineup. Was drafted by the Grizzlies and his rights were traded to the Mavs for cash.College stats

26. Hornets (from Suns via Thunder)
[Quincy Pondexter] Quincy Pondexter
G, Washington
6-6, 225
Pondexter benefited from an outstanding senior season, when he averaged 19.3 points and 7.3 rebounds while leading his team to an NCAA regional. His rights and those of the No. 21 pick were traded to the Hornets for the rights to No. 11-pick Cole Aldrich. College stats

27. Hawks (from Mavericks via Nets)
[Jordan Crawford] Jordan Crawford
G, Xavier
6-4, 195
Crawford can shoot and score, two attributes that will help him carve a niche in the NBA. What he lacks on the defensive end he makes up for on offense. The Nets drafted him and traded his rights and the No. 31 pick to the Hawks for the No. 24 pick. The Hawks then traded the No. 31 pick to the Thunder for cash. College stats

28. Grizzlies (from Lakers)
[Greivis Vasquez] Greivis Vasquez
G, Maryland
6-6, 200
Vasquez was a star at Maryland and must adjust to becoming a role player in the NBA. His success will depend on how well he develops as a point guard, but Vasquez’s college success could be an indication of more to come. College stats

29. Magic
[Daniel Orton] Daniel Orton
C, Kentucky
6-10, 255
Orton will be drafted based on potential, because he had limited production as a reserve during his freshman season. Orton's size is promising, but it's a major jump from few minutes in college to playing in the NBA. College stats

30. T-wolves (from Cavaliers via Wizards)
[Lazar Hayward] Lazar Hayward
F, Marquette
6-6, 225
A senior who progressed during his four season, Hayward elevated his scoring average from 6.6 points per game as a freshman to 18.1 points per game as a senior. The Wizards traded his rights and the and 35th pick to Minnesota for the No. 23 pick, Trevor Booker, and the 56th pick. College stats

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