Even if ownership seemed to have lost confidence in its starting quarterback following last season, trust in the locker room is about as high as can be entering a new year. Campbell (right) responded to a dramatic offseason with poise and self-assurance, but fans want to see how that translates to the playing field. A season ago, Campbell was one of the game's most promising quarterbacks through the first half of the schedule. But as the line in front of him struggled and succumbed to injuries, Campbell's effectiveness slipped dramatically. With little protection in front of him, he didn't top 235 passing yards in his final eight games. He was sacked seven times against the Steelers, and all six of his interceptions last season came in the second half of the schedule. Entering his fifth season, Campbell has seen his numbers go up every year -- completions, yards, touchdowns, quarterback rating. For that trend to continue, he'll need some time in the pocket. Behind Campbell is Todd Collins, a 15th-year veteran who turns 38 in November but came off the bench to help Washington reach the playoffs in 2007.

Redskins quarterback Jason Campbell

(By John McDonnell -- The Washington Post)