Intra-division strength of schedule

When every fantasy point is as valuable as a quarter in a laundromat, owners may want to weigh the six games that teams play against division rivals. While the point differential between a player with the ‘best’ and ‘worst’ division schedules may only be a point or two, every point counts. Here’s how team division schedules compare:

Fantasy points allowed by division foes

Having the best division schedule does not necessarily translate to more fantasy points. Cincy QB Andy Dalton and Seattle QB Russell Wilson may have the most favorable skeds in their respective divisions but they may not be the best draft choices — as both are facing division opponents that yielded between 14 to 16.9 points per game last season. Higher scoring options may be found in the AFC South, AFC West, NFC East and NFC North. The NFC West should once again be the most brutal division for the passing game. Cardinals’ QBs are projected to score the fewest points, as they averaged a paltry 12.7 fantasy points per game last season.

SOURCE: Source: FantasyPros. NOTE: Fantasy points are based on’s standard scoring system. Schedule difficulty is based on the fantasy points allowed by opposing teams last season.