Maryland athletics

Game over?

After four months of study, a panel appointed by Maryland President Wallace D. Loh has recommended dropping eight of the Terps’ 27 varsity sports to address the athletic department’s escalating deficit—projected to top $4 million this year. Here’s a look at the sports targeted for elimination, their operating expenses and number of student-athletes on the roster:

Varsity team 2009-10 expenses 2011-12 roster spots
Men's swimming/diving $620,889 24
Women's swimming/diving 923,706 26
Men's tennis 442,489 10
Men's indoor/outdoor track and cross country* 489,338 43
Water polo 511,546 21
Acrobatics/tumbling** 588,789 166

* Combined budget for three teams. Men’s indoor and outdoor track have duplicate rosters. ** Formerly known as Competitive Cheer. SOURCES: Maryland’s FY2010 report to the NCAA; University of Maryland.. The Washington Post. Published Nov. 14, 2011.