Fillies in the Derby

Only three fillies have won the Kentucky Derby in its 135-year history: Regret in 1915, Genuine Risk in 1980 and Winning Colors in 1988. Their successes have been few because they have been given so few opportunities. A total of 36 fillies have run in the Derby, and only nine have done so in the last half century.

Winning Colors on her way to winning the 1988 Kentucky Derby. (Mike Powell/Getty Images)

Filly results:

Year Filly Finish
1875 Ascension 10th
1875 Gold Mine 15th
1876 Lizzie Stone 6th
1876 Marie Michon 7th
1877 Early Light 8th
1879 Ada Glenn 7th
1879 Wissahickon 9th
1883 Pike's Pride 6th
1906 Lady Navarre 2nd
1911 Round the World 6th
1912 Flamma 3rd
1913 Gowell 3rd
1914 Bronzewing 3rd
1914 Watermelon 7th
1915 Regret 1st
1918 Viva America 3rd
1919 Regalo 9th
1920 Cleopatra 15th
1921 Prudery 3rd
1921 Careful 5th
1921 Curule 7th
1922 Startle 8th
1929 Ben Machree 18th
1930 Alcibiades 10th
1932 Oscillation 13th
1934 Mata Hari 4th
1934 Bazaar 9th
1935 Nellie Flag 4th
1936 Gold Seeker 9th
1945 Misweet 12th
1959 Silver Spoon 5th
1980 Genuine Risk 1st
1982 Cupecoy's Joy 10th
1984 Life's Magic 8th
1984 Althea 19th
1988 Winning Colors 1st
1995 Serena's Song 16th
1999 Excellent Meeting 5th
1999 Three Ring 19th
2008 Eight Belles 2nd

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