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Time is on their side

Through seven games, Capitals Coach Bruce Boudreau has been committed to rolling his lines and defensive pairings to distribute ice time more evenly. Of the 12 skaters who were on the roster for the entire 2010-11 season, six have seen their average ice time each game decreased by more than two minutes, while four others have seen decreases ranging from 1:32 to 10 seconds. There has also been a uniform drop in shift length. Click here to read the full story »

PlayerTOI (2010-11)TOI (now)Dif.Shifts (2010-11)Shifts (now)Dif.Shift length (2010-11)Shift length (now)Dif.
Alzner, K.2018:28-7.67%24.824.6-0.81%4845-6.25%
Backstrom, N.20:3518:07-11.98%23.720.9-11.81%52520.00%
Carlson, J.22:3819:46-12.67%25.925.3-2.32%5247-9.62%
Chimera, J.13:1514:056.29%17.521.120.57%4540-11.11%
Green, M.25:1122:45-9.66%24.423.4-4.10%6258-6.45%
Hendricks, M.11:2710:34-7.71%15.814.7-6.96%43430.00%
Johansson, M.14:4314:460.34%18.919.32.12%4746-2.13%
Knuble, M.17:5215:30-13.25%22.221-5.41%4844-8.33%
Laich, B.18:2518:15-0.90%23.325.69.87%4843-10.42%
Ovechkin, A.21:2118:45-12.18%21.720.6-5.1%5955-6.78%
Schultz, J.19:4617:29-11.55%2321.7-5.65%5248-7.69%
Semin, A.18:0416:43-7.47%20.720.70.00%5248-7.69%

SOURCE: GRAPHIC: The Washington Post. Published Oct. 25, 2011.