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Player High school Yr Pos. All-Met Status Colleges
Adams, Abdul Wilson 2016 RB HM, 2014 offers Connecticut, East Carolina, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Marshall, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh, West Virginia
Alburg, Jaelin St. John's 2015 DB offer Toledo
Alexander, A.J. Lake Braddock 2015 WR first team, 2013 oral Ohio State
Ammon, Josh Bishop Ireton 2015 LB offer Davidson
Ashley, Andrew Good Counsel 2015 DB oral Monmouth
Assoua, Eric St. John's 2015 DE/OL first team, 2014 oral Western Michigan
Bateky, Jon Poolesville 2015 DL oral Rutgers
Battle, Brandon North Point 2015 QB oral William and Mary
Birmingham, Mark Briar Woods 2016 TE/DE second team, 2014 oral Duke
Boochevar, Oscar Sidwell Friends 2015 WR oral Cornell
Boose, Taylor Centreville 2015 RB HM, 2014 oral Cincinnati
Boulware, Quarvez Friendship Collegiate 2015 OT/DT second team, 2014 offers Auburn, Maryland, Florida State, Miami, Mississippi State, N.C. State, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Ohio University, Old Dominion, Iowa
Briscoe, Juwuan Thomas Stone 2015 DB/RB defensive POY, 2014 oral Georgia
Brooks, Devante St. John's 2016 TE offers Boston College, Illinois, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan State, Mississippi State, Rutgers, Virginia, Virginia Tech, West Virginia
Brown, Cameron Bullis 2016 LB offer Old Dominion
Brooks, Jordan Centreville 2015 DL oral James Madison
Brown, Cameron Bullis 2016 LB offers Boston College, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan State, Mississippi State, Notre Dame, Old Dominion, Rutgers, Virginia, West Virginia
Brown, Chase Briar Woods 2015 OL oral James Madison
Brown, Miles Sidwell Friends 2015 DL/LB HM, 2014 oral Wofford
Brown, Trevor Wise 2015 TE offers Old Dominion, Robert Morris
Burrell, Matt Hylton 2015 OL first team, 2014 oral Ohio State
Carroll, Jack Gonzaga 2015 OL/DL oral New Hampshire
Carroll, Taurus Hylton 2016 CB offers James Madison, Towson
Carter, Kamonte Gaithersburg 2015 DE oral Penn State
Carter, Ron'Dell Long Reach 2015 DE/TE second team, 2014 oral Rutgers
Carter, Tristsn Briar Woods 2015 WR offer VMI
Casey, Anton Whitman 2015 TE oral Brown
Christian, Jalen Damascus 2015 WR-DB first team, 2014 oral South Carolina
Cooper, Rashad H.D. Woodson 2015 QB/DB first team, 2014 offers Hampton, Kansas
Corbin, Reggie Gonzaga 2015 RB oral Illinois
Cox, Quinn Yorktown 2015 DL offers Albright, Bluefield, Catholic, Kings College, St. Francis, Union College
Crawford, Aaron Stone Bridge 2015 DL/OL oral North Carolina
Davis, Chuck Broad Run 2015 DB/WR second team, 2014 offer Buffalo, East Carolina, Hawaii, Marshall, Navy, North Carolina, Indiana, Wisconsin, Albany, Charlotte, James Madison, Liberty
Davis, Isaiah St. Stephen's/St. Agnes 2015 LB offers Boston College, Maryland, N.C. State, Tennessee, Virginia Tech
Davis, Terrance DeMatha 2016 OL offers Alabama, Florida State, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Maryland, Penn State, South Carolina, Tennessee
Diggs, Trevon Avalon 2016 WR first team, 2014 offers Maryland, Virginia, Nebraska, North Carolina, UNC-Charlotte, Clemson, Penn State
Ellis, Tino DeMatha 2016 WR offers Maryland, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Rutgers
Fisher, Jordan Tuscarora 2015 ATH oral Toledo
Floyd, Reggie Stonewall Jackson 2016 RB/DB offers North Carolina, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest, West Virginia
Forney, David Georgetown Prep 2015 OL HM, 2014 oral Navy
Fullwood, Darius Good Counsel 2015 DL second team, 2014 oral Virginia Tech
Gallegos, Tony Stone Bridge 2015 DL/FB oral Towson
Garcia, Omar St. John's 2015 RB offer Bucknell
Garnett, Andrew Riverdale Baptist 2016 OT offer Hampton
Gibson, James Westfield 2015 DB first team 2014 oral Army
Gray, Evan Westfield 2015 RB HM, 2014 oral New Hampshire
Gray, Mason St. John's 2015 FS/ATH offer Toledo
Green, Tyler DeMatha 2015 DB oral Indiana
Greenwood, Jabari Gonzaga 2015 WR oral Kentucky
Hall, Terrell St. John's 2016 DL offers Clemson, Connecticut, Iowa, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio State, Penn State, Pittsburgh, Tennessee, Toledo, Towson, UCLA, Virginia Tech, Wake Forest
Hames, Channing O'Connell 2015 DE offers Virginia, Old Dominion
Hansan, Josh Potomac School 2015 WR offer Davidson
Harrison, Lorenzo DeMatha 2016 RB oral Maryland
Haskins Jr., Dwayne Bullis 2016 QB second team, 2014 offers Arizona State, Boston College, Clemson, Duke, Florida, Florida State, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Ohio State, Penn State, Rutgers, SMU, Temple, Tennessee, Texas, Texas A&M, Utah, Virginia Tech
Hawkins, George O'Connell 2015 WR offers New Hampshire, Elon, Bryant
Holland, Jonathan Bullis 2015 DE second team, 2014 oral Penn State
Holmes, Austin Maret 2015 CB offers Columbia, Cornell, Davidson, Penn
Horne, Jared Hylton 2015 OL/DL oral Marist
Houston, Christian North Point 2015 WR oral Harvard
Howard, Keiron Potomac (Md.) 2015 DT second team, 2014 offers Maryland, Tennessee, Marshall, Buffalo, Temple, Hampton, Charlotte
Howard, Anthony O'Connell 2015 LB offers West Virginia State, West Virginia Wesleyan
Hudzick, Myles O'Connell 2016 WR oral Duke
James, Julian Bullis 2015 DE oral Davidson
Johns, Nick Gonzaga 2015 QB offers Virginia, Maryland
Johnson, DuWayne H.D. Woodson 2015 DB second team, 2014 oral Virginia Tech
Johnson II, Patrick Bullis 2016 WR HM, 2014 offers Boston College, Delaware, Illinois, Old Dominion, Rutgers
Jones, Keandre Good Counsel 2016 OLB first team, 2014 oral Maryland
Kaulave, Josh South County 2015 OL HM, 2014 offers Fairmont State, Saint Augustine's
Karafa, Tanner Stone Bridge 2015 LB first team, 2014 oral Boston College
Kelly, DeAndre DeMatha 2015 DE/TE oral Temple
Kpaduwa, Uzoma Woodgrove 2015 DB offer VMI
Law, Scottie Carroll 2015 WR oral Albany
Lee, Dejoun Lake Braddock 2015 RB offer Bucknell
Lee, Jonathon Riverdale Baptist 2016 RB offers Akron, Buffalo
Lee, Trey Thomas Stone 2015 QB/DB oral Towson
Lewis, Marcus Gonzaga 2015 DB/WR offers Kentucky, Miami, Washington State
Littleton, Tevon Largo 2015 DB/WR offer St. Francis
Livingtston, Levon Ballou 2015 OL second team, 2014 oral Kentucky
Majette, Mike Woodbridge 2015 ATH HM, 2014 oral Indiana
Marfo, Kobe Hayfield 2015 DB offers Albany, Norfolk State, Rhode Island
Martey, Christian Flint Hill 2015 RB oral Bryant
McCargo, Jay Jay O'Connell 2016 OL offers Boston College, Clemson, Duke, North Carolina, N.C. State, Old Dominion, Penn State, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Temple, Tennessee, Virginia Tech, West Virginia
McDonald, Kareem Wilson 2015 LB oral Monmouth
McFarland, Anthony DeMatha 2017 RB HM, 2014 offers Clemson, Florida State, Maryland, Nebraska, Ohio State, Virginia Tech, West Virginia, Wisconsin
McLean, Adam Quince Orchard 2015 DE first team, 2013 oral Maryland
McPherson, Zech Riverdale Baptist 2016 DB first team, 2016 offers Clemson, Wake Forest, Iowa, Boston College
Mellor, Dylan Woodgrove 2015 WR HM, 2014 oral Dartmouth
Merritt, Richard Carroll 2016 OL offers Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, Connecticut, Florida, Florida State, Georgia, Iowa, Maryland, Miami, Michigan State, Michigan, Mississippi State, North Carolina, N.C. State, Nebraska, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Temple, Virginia, Virginia Tech, West Virginia
Miller, Nicholas Good Counsel 2015 LB offers Brown, Georgetown, Penn, St. Francis, William and Mary
Monroe, Ayron St. John's 2015 ATH oral Penn State
Moore, Delontae Ballou 2016 WR offer Charlotte, Clemson, N.C. State, Old Dominion
Moore, Dominic Briar Woods 2015 ATH offer VMI
Morrison, Sammy Gonzaga 2015 CB oral Arizona
Motley, Parnell H.D. Woodson 2016 WR/DB HM, 2014 offers Virginia Tech, Toledo, Maryland, Alabama, Louisville, Marshall, Michigan State
Neal, Damani Bullis 2017 SS/WR offer Rutgers
Nickens-Yzer, Xavier Centreville 2015 DB/RB offer East Carolina
Padalino, Paul Landon 2015 LB oral Richmond
Paschal, Josh Good Counsel 2017 DL offer Ohio State
Paye, Keon Good Counsel 2015 WR second team, 2014 offer Towson
Petitbon, Richie Gonzaga 2015 OL first team, 2014 oral Alabama
Pilkerton, Jack La Plata 2015 WR offers Shepherd, VMI
David Pindell Oakland Mills 2015 QB HM, 2014 offers Syracuse
Polk, Brandon Briar Woods 2015 WR/DB oral Penn State
Prince, Isaiah Eleanor Roosevelt 2015 OL first team, 2014 oral Alabama
Reimers, Noah Tuscarora 2015 RB offensive POY, 2014 oral Harvard
Richardson, William Ballou 2015 TE/DE oral Connecticut
Robbins, David Glenelg 2015 OL first team, 2014 oral Florida State
Robinson, Matt Flint Hill 2015 LB oral Bucknell
Robinson, Myles Good Counsel 2015 ATH oral Virginia
Rogalski, Andrew St. John's 2015 OL offer Toledo
Rose, David Potomac (Md.) 2015 WR/DB offers Albany, Bowling Green, Duquesne, Ohio, Toledo
Ross, Gregory Potomac (Md.) 2016 WR/DB offer Virginia Tech
Scott, Sir Patrick Riverdale Baptist 2016 CB offers Michigan State, Kentucky, Iowa, Boston College, Wake Forest
Settle, Tim Stonewall Jackson 2015 DL first team, 2014 oral Virginia Tech
Simms, Keith Landon 2016 LB/DE offers Boston College, Charlotte Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Wake Forest, West Virginia
Simmons, Shane DeMatha 2016 DL first team, 2014 oral Penn State
Simpson, Cortrelle Lackey 2015 WR/DB offers Albany, Buffalo, Central Connecticut, Duquesne, North Carolina Central, Rhode Island, St. Francis, Stony Brook, Temple, Toledo
Skule, Justin Centreville 2015 OT first team, 2014 oral Vanderbilt
Slade, Ricky Hylton 2018 RB HM, 2014 offers Clemson, Iowa, North Carolina, Ohio State, Penn State, South Carolina, Syracuse, Tennessee Virginia, Virginia Tech
Smith, Chad Dominion 2015 OLB first team, 2014 oral Clemson
Smith, Devin Bishop Ireton 2015 WR offer VMI
Steele, Devin Riverdale Baptist 2015 DB oral Georgia
Storrs, Jack Yorktown 2016 RB/LB oral Pomona College
Strange, Connor South River 2015 DL offers Buffalo, Monmouth, Sacred Heart, Temple, Towson
Strong, Kesean Potomac (Md.) 2015 RB/DB first team, 2014 offers Toledo, Buffalo, Marshall
Sussman, Neven Sherwood 2015 QB offers Albany, Central Connecticut State
Taiwo, Mufu McDonough 2015 DE offers Albany, Delaware State, Fordham, James Madison, Monmouth, Morgan State, N.C. Central, Old Dominion
Thompson, Tyler O'Connell 2015 DL offers Fairmont State, Merrimack
Turner, AJ Centreville 2015 RB/DB first team, 2013 oral South Carolina
Turner, DJ DeMatha 2016 WR/DB HM, 2014 oral Maryland
Tutt, Charles Centreville 2015 DB/WR second team, 2014 oral James Madison
Urquidez, J.P. DeMatha 2016 OL offers Maryland, Virginia Tech, Navy, Nebraska, Texas, West Virginia, Kansas State
Vaughn, Cameron Flint Hill 2015 RB offers Bryant, Marshall, Toledo
Wallace, Diondre Arundel 2015 LB HM, 2014 oral Towson
Washington, Malachi Westlake 2015 DE oral Morgan State
Washington, Scotty St. John's 2015 WR oral Wake Forest
Whalen, Matt Woodgrove 2015 LB offer VMI
White, Ashton McNamara 2015 DB oral Notre Dame
Williams, Devonte Bullis 2015 RB first team, 2014 oral Marshall
Williams, Jauan Carroll 2016 OT second team, 2014 offers Maryland, Ohio State, Virginia, Penn State
Williams, Kolby Landon 2015 DE/TE oral Richmond
Wolfolk, Myles Wise 2016 DB HM, 2014 offers Boston College, Clemson, Connecticut, Illinois, Old Dominion, Southern Methodist, Virginia Tech
Word, Landan O'Connell 2016 FB offers Boston College, Old Dominion, Virginia