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Boys' lacrosse

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Player High school Yr Pos. All-Met Status Colleges
Akhigbe, Osebo Richard Montgomery 2014 MF oral Mount St. Mary's
Altemus, Joey Georgetown Prep 2015 G oral Bucknell
Anderson, Bubba St. John's 2014 MID oral Vermont
Anstead, Mark Gonzaga 2014 oral Detroit
Archer, Nate St. Stephen's and St. Agnes 2014 ATT oral Cornell
Aversa, JOnathan St. Stephen's and St. Agnes 2014 ATT oral Penn
Barber, Daniel Spalding 2014 oral Navy
Bayh, Beau St. Albans 2014 ATT oral Harvard
Bedard, Ben Severn 2017 oral Penn
Belcher, Reece T.C. Williams 2015 MF/A oral Syracuse
Billings, Matt Georgetown Prep 2014 D oral Denver
Bolen, Jack Landon 2014 MF signed Cornell
Borda, Michael Gonzaga 2015 D oral Michigan
Brennan, Pat Chesapeake 2015 oral UMBC
Brown, Townsend Georgetown Prep 2014 MF/ATT oral Virginia
Bucci, Mike Severn 2015 oral Quinnipiac
Buller, Zac Landon 2014 A signed Jacksonville
Catt, Ben Bullis 2014 D oral Middlebury
Chastain, Henry Gonzaga 2016 D/LSM oral Maryland
Christensen, Jake Quince Orchard 2015 A oral Colgate
Collins, Brendan Georgetown Prep 2014 MF oral Notre Dame
Davliakos, Zac Severn 2014 LSM signed Loyola
Dirks, Andrew Spalding 2014 oral Delaware
Dubick, Louis Churchill 2015 oral Maryland
Dunlop, Jake Rockville 2014 FOGO/MF oral Bucknell
Dunne, Finn Georgetown Prep 2015 D oral Georgetown
Evans, Thomas Landon 2015 D oral United States Naval Academy
Falk, Jack Landon 2014 MF signed Virginia
Flood, Gerald St. John's 2015 ATT oral Hobart
Flynn, Jack Dominion 2014 MF signed Air Force
Forrest, Nick Glenelg 2014 oral Air Force
Frankauski, Nick Damascus 2014 MF signed Manhattan College
Gibbons, Justin McLean 2015 MF oral Michigan
Golden, Tim Georgetown Prep 2014 MF oral Hofstra
Gosnell, Griff Bullis 2016 D oral Cornell
Harris, Cory Oakton 2014 MF signed Virginia
Harwood, Kyle Yorktown 2014 MF oral Robert Morris
Hasken, Garrett DeMatha 2014 F/O oral Navy
Hillenbrand, Steven Paul VI 2014 D oral Rutgers
Hinton, Colin St. John's 2017 D oral Maryland
Hirschmann, Stephen Spalding 2015 oral Delaware
Horning, Charles Georgetown Prep 2014 ATT oral Villanova
Howard, Nathan St. John's 2014 MF oral Vermont
Jahelka, Troy Paul VI 2015 D oral Navy
Jenkins, Kieran Severna Park 2014 D oral Georgetown
Jones, Nate St. Stephen's and St. Agnes 2014 ATT oral Army
Kedda, Garrison St. Stephen's and St. Agnes 2016 F/O oral Richdmond
Keilbasa, Danny Paul VI 2017 ATT oral Army
Kenna, Joe St. Stephen's and St. Agnes 2014 D oral North Carolina
Kidd, Thomas Magruder 2014 FO/M signed University of Massachusetts-Lowell
King, Luke Severna Park 2014 oral Navy
Koorbusch, Daniel Middleburg Academy 2014 signed Jacksonville
Kozireski, Jonah Severna Park 2014 oral UMBC
Lamb, Ryan Paul VI Catholic 2015 M oral Virginia
Lanham, Scott Georgetown Prep 2014 D oral Brown
Liles, Cason Yorktown 2014 FO/M signed Albany
Lindon, Matt Spalding 2014 oral Bucknell
Lindsay, Terry Georgetown Prep 2016 MF oral Duke
Lipka, David Georgetown Prep 2015 MF oral Army
Lister, Kyle Calvert 2014 signed Ferrum College
Lundelius, Charles Landon 2014 D/LSM oral McGill
Lynch, Sam Landon 2014 MF signed Johns Hopkins
Matzelevich, Nick Bullis 2014 D oral Siena
McCaleb, Luke Gonzaga 2016 A oral Brown
McCormick, Keegan Severna Park 2014 oral Virginia Military Institute
McDonald, Austin Georgetown Prep 2015 ATT oral Georgetown
McDonnell, Michael Middleburg Academy 2014 signed Michigan
McEvoy, Nick Gonzaga 2016 MF oral Penn State
McJunkin, James St. Albans 2014 LSM signed Dartmouth
McTague, Riley Landon 2014 M signed Hobart
Meeks, Michael Broadneck 2014 oral Providence
Melamphy, Brett Arundel 2014 oral UMBC
Mitchell, Andrew Landon 2014 D/LSM signed United States Military Academy
Mona, Mitch St. John's 2015 MF oral Navy
Monahan, Timmy Gonzaga 2015 ATT oral Ohio State
Morris, Alex McLean 2015 oral Ohio State
Myers, Avery Gonzaga 2016 MF oral Michigan
Myers, Teddy Gonzaga 2015 ATT oral Furman
Newsome, Jack Washington-Lee 2015 oral Brown
Nolan, Billy Arundel 2015 oral UMBC
Nolan, Connor Good Counsel 2014 signed Wagner
O'Brien, Sean K. Landon 2014 ATT oral Bucknell
O'Connor, Ryan Paul VI Catholic 2015 MF oral North Carolina
Ober, Jon Episcopal 2015 D oral Denver
Offutt, Sam Landon 2016 MF oral Virginia
Oliver, Mitchell Georgetown Prep 2016 D oral Brown
Olson, Jack Georgetown Prep 2015 M/F/O oral Johns Hopkins
Owens, Riley St. John's 2015 D oral Wagner
Pantaleo, Jake Woodgrove 2014 oral Mary Washington
Partlow, Steve DeMatha 2014 ATT oral Jacksonville
Petkevich, Drew Bullis 2015 MF oral Penn State
Petty, Austin Landon 2014 M oral Virginia
Phillips, Tim Episcopal 2015 MF oral Notre Dame
Pollack, Nico Yorktown 2014 ATT oral Tufts
Pride, Ryan Landon 2017 MF oral Virginia
Puglise, Roman Paul VI 2017 M oral Maryland
Quigley, Kevin South County 2015 MF oral Bryant
Railey, John Georgetown Prep 2016 D oral Loyola
Railey, Will Georgetown Prep 2014 G oral Virginia
Ramsey, Nick DeMatha 2014 G oral Navy
Reiss, Zach Middleburg 2015 D oral St. Joseph's
Rexroad, Michael Loudoun County 2014 oral Rutgers
Richbourg, Kyle Centreville 2016 MF oral Air Force
Riehl, Colin Gonzaga 2015 MID oral Marquette
Rigney, Thomas Patriot 2015 D oral Army
Robinson, Alex Bullis 2014 D oral Georgetown
Rock, William Gonzaga 2017 D oral Virginia
Rupp, Colton Landon 2015 ATT oral Cornell
Sells, Hunter Landon 2015 G oral Johns Hopkins
Shears, Connor Yorktown 2016 D oral Bucknell
Smith, Austin Good Counsel 2014 signed St. Joseph's
Stanton, Michael Gonzaga 2016 ATT oral High Point
Steel, Paul Bullis 2016 D oral Johns Hopkins
Stein, Joseph Bullis 2016 FOGO oral Bucknell
Strang, Kyle Georgetown Prep 2014 MF oral Georgetown
Stucky, Joe Bullis 2015 MF oral Boston University
Surdick, Jonathan DeMatha 2014 D oral Army
Symmes, David South County 2014 MF oral Army
Thompson, Brady DeMatha 2014 M oral Lehigh
Tomasik, Jacob Calvert 2014 signed Delaware Valley
Torain, Greyson DeMatha 2014 MF oral Navy
Townsend, Brian Gonzaga 2017 M oral Michigan
Travisano, John Howard 2014 oral Notre Dame
Trippi, Alexander Bullis 2017 ATT oral North Carolina
Tuell, Zach Paul VI Catholic 2014 G signed High Point
Valentine, Nicholas Severna Park 2014 oral Monmouth
Vierheller, Matt Georgetown Prep 2014 G oral Mount St. Mary's
Williamham, Tyler Calvert 2014 signed Wingate
Williams, Nate St. John's 2015 D oral Delaware
Williamson, David Paul VI 2015 MF oral Furman
Witzal, Jarrett Landon 2015 M, F/O oral Bucknell