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All-Mets All-Mets
Front: Michael Tupek (Whitman), Ashley Jones (T.C. Williams), Mike Gottlieb (Jefferson), Jessica Guzik (W.T. Woodson), Chris Richbourg (Woodbridge), Jamie Doerr (Episcopal). Second row: Dave Jeffrey (St. Albans), Alex Owen (National Cathedral), Alex Phillips (Washington-Lee), Carla Bezold (Jefferson), Mario Lanzone (McLean), Karen Richardson (Gar-Field), Garrett Hanley (McLean). Third row: Jamie Holt (Robinson), Martin J. Gehrke (Gonzaga), Emily Collins (McLean), Nick Kapur (St. Albans), Kim Bailey (Holton-Arms), Tommy Velarde (Jefferson). Back row: Coach Steve Weir (T.C. Williams), Mary Higgins (T.C. Williams), Rob Maddox (Yorktown), Janie Roden (T.C. Williams), Coach Dave Foley (Gonzaga). (Jonathan Newton - The Washington Post)

Coach of the Year
First Team
Best Boats
Honorable Mention

Coach of the Year
Dave Foley | Gonzaga
In four years, Foley has invigorated the fledgling Eagles, whose varsity eight placed second at districts. The second eight went undefeated through the district and metro championships, and placed third at the Stotesbury Cup. The lightweight eight won silver at metros.

First Team
Martin J. Gehrke Gonzaga Sr.
Mike Gottlieb Jefferson Sr.
Dave Jeffrey St. Albans Sr.
Nick Kapur St. Albans Sr.
Mario Lanzone McLean Sr.
Rob Maddox Yorktown Sr.
Alex Phillips Washington-Lee Sr.
Chris Richbourg Woodbridge Jr.
Michael Tupek Whitman Sr.
Tommy Velarde Jefferson Sr.
Garrett Hanley McLean Sr.

Best Boats
Varsity Eight: St. Albans
Junior Eight: Gonzaga
Lightweight Eight: T.C. Williams
Varsity Four: McLean
Lightweight Four: St. Albans

Honorable Mention
Nathaniel Allen, Wilson, Sr.; Jon Butterfield, West Springfield, Jr.; Matt Cranford, McLean, Sr.; Mike Fitzgerald, W.T. Woodson, Sr.; Ben Goldstein, Hylton; Sr.; Sam Greene, Lake Braddock, Jr.; Morgan Henderson, Bethesda-Chevy Chase, Sr.; Nick Henderson, Bethesda-Chevy Chase, Sr.; Leo Hergenroeder, Jefferson, Sr.; Eugene Jerebitski, W.T. Woodson, Sr.; Zach Jones, T.C. Williams, Jr.; Justin Lavin, Langley, Sr.; Dan Mahoney, Robinson, Sr.; Andrew Marquardt, T.C. Williams, Jr.; Travis Moore, Jefferson, Sr.; Jim Pickens, Hylton, Sr.; Joe Pontani, Forest Park, Sr.; Will Skinner, St. Albans, Sr.; Kilian Thorin, St. Albans, Sr.; Mack Turner, Woodbridge, Sr.; Jeff Wagoner, Robinson, Sr.; Mike West, Potomac (Va.), Jr.

Dana Martin, St. Albans, Sr.; Chase Phillips, Woodbridge, Jr.

Coach of the Year
First Team
Best Boats
Honorable Mention

Coach of the Year
Steve Weir | T.C. Williams
Weir has built one of the most dominant crews in the nation -- the lightweight eight boats have won 14 national championships and 14 Stotesbury Cups -- while instilling unwavering sportsmanship in his rowers. The varsity eight won its third Stotesbury under Weir.

First Team
Kim Bailey Holton-Arms Sr.
Carla Bezold Jefferson Jr.
Emily Collins McLean Sr.
Jaime Doerr Episcopal Jr.
Jessica Guzik W.T. Woodson Jr.
Mary Higgins T.C. Williams Sr.
Jamie Holt Robinson Sr.
Ashley Jones T.C. Williams Jr.
Alex Owen National Cathedral Sr.
Janie Roden T.C. Williams Sr.

Karen Richardson Gar-Field Sr.

Best Boats
Varsity Eight: T.C. Williams
Junior Eight: T.C. Williams
Lightweight Eight: T.C. Williams
Varsity Four: West Springfield
Lightweight Four: Langley

Honorable Mention
Heather Barazi, Woodbridge, Sr.; Maureen Bowman, Langley, Sr.; Anna Capetanakis, Washington-Lee, Sr.; Lauren Cruickshank, Washington-Lee, Sr.; Allison DeKnight, Bethesda-Chevy Chase, Sr.; Tucker Ewing, National Cathedral, Sr.; Susan Fisk, Jefferson, Sr.; Ariana Fitzgerald, T.C. Williams, Sr.; Catherine Freeman, T.C. Williams, Sr.; Hillary Goldberg, Whitman, Jr.; Cassie Haskell, Gar-Field, Jr.; Jana Hester, Woodbridge, Sr.; Alice Krips, Jefferson, Sr.; Courtney Maggiuli, Bethesda-Chevy Chase, Sr.; Katrina Roman, West Springfield, Jr.; Katy Morgan, Woodbridge, Sr.; Shannon O'Hern, Georgetown Visitation, Sr.; Ida Sawyer, Wilson, Sr.; Claire Wallace, McLean, Sr.; Carina Winberry, Bishop O'Connell, Sr.

Amber Carrier, Woodbridge, Sr.; Roma Kundal, T.C. Williams, Jr.

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