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Front row (left to right): Maria Micocci, McLean; Katie Kazimer, W.T. Woodson; Annaliese Herring, Jefferson; Bobby Brown, Gonzaga; Jordan Middendorf, National Cathedral; Vanessa Furman, Jefferson; Katy Higgins, O'Connell. Second row: Kip Wanser, West Potomac; Suzanne Salgado, Sidwell Friends; Charlotte Hall, Wilson; Megan Haughs, Robinson; Jay Rowan, W.T. Woodson; Laura Chase McGehee, Whitman; Beth Treseder, Whitman; Jake Buchanan, West Springfield. Back row: Coach Dave Weiss, Sidwell Friends; Bret Rubin, Whitman; Matt Lucas, Jefferson; Garrett Buxton, Washington-Lee; Neil Stanga, Washington-Lee; Erik Anderson, Jefferson; Alex Sieke, Jefferson; Sean Riordan, Gonzaga; Coach Jim Granger, Jefferson.
(John McDonnell - The Washington Post)

Coach of the Year
First Team
Best Boats
Honorable Mention

Coach of the Year
Jim Granger,

Helped re-establish the D.C. area as a national rowing power as his team brought home the Edward T. Stotesbury Trophy, the first area team to do so since 1969. Led his varsity eight to gold medals at the Virginia Scholastic Rowing Championships and the National Capital Area Scholastic Rowing Association Championships, remaining undefeated on the Occoquan River all season.

First Team
Erik Anderson, Jefferson, Sr.
Jake Buchanan, West Springfield, Sr.
Garrett Buxton, Washington-Lee, Sr.
Matt Lucas, Jefferson, Sr.
Sean Riordan, Gonzaga, Sr.
Jay Rowan, W.T. Woodson, Sr.
Bret Rubin, Whitman, Jr.
Neil Stanga, Washington-Lee, Jr.
Alex Sieke, Jefferson, Sr.
Kip Wanser, West Potomac, Sr.
Bobby Brown, Gonzaga, Sr.

Best Boats
Varsity Eight: Jefferson
Varsity Four: West Potomac
Lightweight Eight: Washington-Lee
Lightweight Four: St. Albans
Second Eight: Gonzaga

Honorable Mention
Tyler Buxton, Washington-Lee, Soph.; Zach Carlisle, St. Albans, Sr.; Chris Campbell, Gar-Field, Sr.; Mike Cromwell, St. Albans, Sr.; Andrew Killion, Gonzaga, Sr.; Bryan Lee, Yorktown, Sr.; Andy Maguire, Bethesda-Chevy Chase, Sr.; Brendan McCook, McLean, Soph.; JT McGrath, Gonzaga, Sr.; Joe McMullin, Woodbridge, Sr.; Sergio Montes, Whitman, Jr.; Aaron Packard-Winkler, Whitman, Jr.; Alex Ruda, Bethesda-Chevy Chase, Sr.; Wally Sedgewick, Gonzaga, Sr.; Andrew Snyder, St Albans, Sr.; Mike Springfield, Potomac (Va.), Jr.; Rhet Summers, Jefferson, Jr.; Jamie Tansey, St. Albans, Sr.; Thomas Thomas, Yorktown, Sr.; Dave Watson, Wakefield, Sr.
Mike Dietz, Jefferson, Sr.; Landon Stanford, Washington-Lee, Soph.

Coach of the Year
First Team
Best Boats
Honorable Mention

Coach of the Year
Dave Weiss,
Sidwell Friends

Weiss reinvented a Sidwell Friends program that failed to advance to any event finals in 2003. Led the varsity eight to a bronze medal at the National Capital Championships and the National Capital Area Scholastic Rowing Association Championships and the semifinals at the prestigious Stotesbury Cup Regatta.

First Team
Vanessa Furman, Jefferson, Jr.
Charlotte Hall, Wilson, Sr.
Megan Haughs, Robinson, Sr.
Katy Higgins, O'Connell, Sr.
Katie Kazimer, W.T. Woodson, Jr.
Laura Chase McGehee, Whitman, Sr.
Maria Micocci, McLean, Sr.
Jordan Middendorf, Natl. Cathedral, Sr.
Suzanne Salgado, Sidwell Friends, Sr.
Beth Treseder, Whitman, Sr.
Annaliese Herring, Jefferson, Sr.

Best Boats
Varsity Eight: Jefferson
Varsity Four: Langley
Lightweight Eight: T.C. Williams
Lightweight Four: Gar-Field
Second Eight: Bethesda-Chevy Chase

Honorable Mention
Emma Andrews, Bethesda-Chevy Chase, Sr.; Beth-Ann Dick, West Springfield, Sr.; Rachel Dickenson, Holton-Arms, Jr.; Gretchen Driessnack, Hylton, Sr.; Julia Gick, Georgetown Visitation, Sr.; Sarah Gordon, Bethesda-Chevy Chase, Sr.; Cassie Haskell, Gar-Field, Sr.; Hillary Heitsuka, T.C. Williams, Sr.; Katie Higgins, O'Connell, Sr.; Natalie Jones, West Potomac, Sr.; Jackie Kelly, National Cathedral, Sr.; Kristen Lane, Yorktown, Soph.; Magee McDonald, Georgetown Visitation, Jr.; Jen Micker, Jefferson, Sr.; Lina Mizerek, McLean, Sr.; Allison Moberly, Robinson, Jr.; Alana Noritake, T.C. Williams, Sr.; Jessica Sigalis, O'Connell, Sr.; Anna Thompson, Sidwell Friends, Sr.; Caroline Wick, Washington-Lee, Sr.
Maureen Manghan, Gar-Field, Sr.; Ashley Morris, West Potomac, Sr.; Misty Pollard, Bethesda-Chevy Chase, Jr.

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