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  White: Wizards Have the Talent to Succeed

Wizards Logo Wizards forward Jahidi White was on Sports Online live from the MCI Center on Tuesday to talk about the NBA draft. The Wizards have the seventh pick in Wednesday's draft.

Takoma Park, MD : Washington Post columnist Michael Wilbon recently said Tim Duncan is "the best post player since Kevin McHale." How do you think Duncan compares to the top inside players today -- Shaquille, Karl Malone, etc.?

Jahidi White: I think Tim Duncan is such a good post player not only because he knows the post game but the outside game. He knows how to shoot from outside. He also has a dominant post game from the inside. I agree with that comment that he is one of the best post players in the game.

Alexandria,Va: What are your goals now that you have made it into the NBA?

Jahidi White: My goals are to spend this summer working on my game and learning the NBA game. Also, I just want to work really hard to improve myself for the betterment of the team. I'll be working on my scoring game and rebounding and my conditioning.

clinton, md: What do you think of Georgetown University's future without John Thompson? Can they still attract the bigger name prospects?

Jahidi White: I think they will still attract big time players because Georgetown has a good reputation for having a good program. I also played under the coach they have now and I know how good a coach they have. I think they picked the right coach for the program.

Silver Spring, Md.: Do you think that the lottery is unfair to teams such as the Wizards, who have played poorly for so long, yet, never picked higher than they should have if the draft were ordered by standings?

Jahidi White: I think the lottery is fair because I think the team with the worst record usually gets the first pick unless they trade their pick. I don't consider the draft unfair.

Washington,DC: I have heard that NBA teams are too busy during the season to work with and develop young players, who not playing lots of minutes. Do you think the Wizards would benefit by hiring a coach whose focus would be to work with young players on the road to develop fundamental skills and knowledge?

Jahidi White: I think with the combination of veteran players and the practices they give you a lot of stuff to work out. They know a lot about the game and give you a lot to work on.

Washington, D.C.: Let's get serious for a moment. We haven't seen a championship team in D.C. since 1978 and I'm tired of seeing a mediocre performance from our team. What will it take for you and the rest of the players to bring home a title to the nations capital?

Jahidi White: I think it will take a lot of hard work and I think it will take good chemistry on the team because the talent is there. I think all the players need to know how to play together and know what each player is capable of doing.

Alexandria, VA: With a dominant center absent from this draft, what approach are the Wizards taking to feel that much needed position?

Jahidi White: Well now the Wizards are working with me and other centers on the team to fill that position. We've spent a lot of time working on the position

Baltimore, Maryland: Do you think John Thompson will ever coach in the NBA?

Jahidi White: I think he loves coaching but after his Georgetown career, I don't think he'll coach again. I think he's really happy with his radio show because he loves to talk. He's doing something that he really loves.

Woodbridge, VA: How much do players get together during a season, without it being official and actually discuss the state of the NBA as they see it?

Jahidi White: I think a lot of players on different teams get together to talk about the league. I know that we do it a lot. Players tell each other what to expect. We spend so much time together that talk about the league.

Oxon Hill, Maryland: During the lockout this past season, what did you do to stay busy and to stay in shape and how do you feel the lockout affected your teams' ability to make the playoffs?

Jahidi White: During the lockout I played a lot of basketball at Georgetown. To stay busy, I had a job at America Online. I'm not sure how the lockout affected the team because this was my rookie year. I wasn't at this point before the lockout happened. I was a research assistant at AOL for business and sports.

Ames, IA: Jahidi, do you believe the hiring of Gar Heard will help bring back Mitch Richmond, although the Warriors are reportedly interested in him, and they have more room in the salary cap to offer him more money?

Jahidi White: I think the only person who can say whether Mitch Richmond will stay here is Mitch Richmond. I think Gar Heard will be a great coach but I don't think Gar Heard being coach here will influence whether he stays here. Hopefully Mitch will be here.

Newport Beach, CA: How do you think the Lakers will respond to Phil Jackson as head coach?

Jahidi White: I think Phil Jackson will be a great asset to that program because he knows how to get the best out of his players and there is so much potential there still. I hear that Phil is trying to get Dennis Rodman back and he's had experience with Rodman and I think he can convince Rodman to play for the better of the team.

Arlington, VA: With the success of all the GU big men in the NBA post season, how does that inspire your ethic this summer?

Jahidi White: It inspires me a lot because it makes you more ambitious to work hard just to keep the legend working. I want to work to where they are right now. They also come back to work together and it gives you a chance to play against them in the offseason at Georgetown. All the time I was at Georgetown, I participated.

Hollywood, Florida: Will you be attending any big
man's camp this summer, and
will you and Randell Jackson be playing on the Wizards
summer league team together?


Jahidi White: Randell and I will be playing on a summer league in Boston for the Wizards team. I'm not sure exactly when though. I'm looking forward to this one.

London, England: Who were your favorite basketball players growing up? And why?

Jahidi White: Magic Johnson and Dr. J. Magic was my favorite because of the Lakers. The Lakers were my favorite team and he was the best player on that team. I had Magic Johnson posters in my room and shirts and everything. And I liked Dr. J because he could jump so high. I still like them.

Washington, DC: What are you specifically going to do to get this Wizards team off of the ground?

Jahidi White: Well I feel that I need to work as hard as I can this summer on my role. I consider my role to be rebounding and blocking shots. I want to give it 100% every night. I feel that that's my job and my role to help get this team off the ground. That's all the time we have with Jahidi White today. Join us again tomorrow from the MCI Center when Tim Legler and Chris Whitney join us on Sports Online.

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