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Memories: 1995

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Other Notable Deaths in the Sports World in 1995

The Associated Press
December 24, 1995

Leon Day, a star pitcher in the Negro Leagues who was elected to the baseball Hall of Fame just six days before his death. March 13. Age 78. Heart condition.

Robert Turner, winner of the first All-American Soap Box Derby. March 23. Age 72.

Harvey Penick, premier golf instructor and author of one the best-selling sports book of all time, “Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book.” April 2. Age 90.

James Smiddy, the nation’s winningest high school basketball coach with 1,216 victories in 44 years. July 19. Age 71. Heart attack.

Rick Ferrell, a Baseball Hall of Famer who for 41 years held the American League record of 1,806 games played as a catcher. July 27. Age 89.

Louis Meyer, the first three-time winner of the Indianapolis 500. Oct. 7. Age 91.

John Rodolph, a wheelchair-racing world-record holder and Olympian. Oct. 10. Age 31. Hit by truck.

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