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Len Hochberg | Dave Sell
Leonard Shapiro | Michael Wilbon

RACHEL ALEXANDER covers the Capitals for The Post. Prior to her arrival in Washington, Alexander worked at the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, where she covered the University of Miami and wrote the paper's television/radio column.

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J.A. ADANDE covers the Bullets for The Post. Prior to that, he covered the Georgetown men's basketball team and national college sports. Before coming to The Post in 1994, Adande covered the Chicago Bulls for the Chicago Sun-Times.

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STEVEN GOFF covers soccer and college sports for The Post. Since joining The Post in 1985, he has covered the World Cup, college soccer, D.C. United and the George Washington men's basketball team.

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LEN HOCHBERG covers the Capitals and the NHL for The Post. He was the paper's night sports editor prior to moving to the Capitals for the 1995-96 season.

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DAVE SELL covers the Redskins for The Post. Since coming to the paper in 1986, he has covered the Capitals, the University of Maryland, the University of Virginia and Navy.

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LEONARD SHAPIRO covers the NFL and golf for The Post, and also serves as its television columnist. Since coming to The Post in 1969, he has covered the Redskins and served as the paper's assistant sports editor. He also has written "Big Man on Campus," a book on Georgetown men's basketball coach John Thompson.

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MICHAEL WILBON is a sports columnist for The Post. He came to the paper in 1980, and since, has covered Howard, Georgetown, the University of Maryland, the Orioles, national college sports and the NFL before being named a columnist in 1990.

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