Goofy Name, Good Value

Deep down you baseball traditionalists know even OPS doesn't give a full measure of a player's value. Which is why it is time to acquaint yourself with VORP, a statistic that's inching its way into the mainstream lexicon.


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VORP stands for "value over replacement player." It measures the number of runs a player contributes beyond what would be expected from a "replacement-level" player.

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Aaron Rowand, OF, San Francisco Giants When It Clicked

Press play to listen to Giants outfielder Aaron Rowand talk about the swing adjustment he's made that has made him a significantly better hitter. Read the article »

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Red Sox at Phillies

Monday through Wednesday

Division leaders with turbocharged offenses meet in the bandbox known as Citizens Bank Park. Hilarity ensues.

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The List

Five college relievers were drafted in the first round of this year's draft. Unlike starting pitchers or position players, relievers drafted out of college tend to zoom to the majors quickly, like these five recent examples.

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