2008-09 Wizards Roster

[0] Gilbert Arenas, Guard
[Photo] Age (season): 26 (8th)
Ht., Wt.: 6-4, 215
College: Arizona
How acquired: Signed as a free agent in August 2003.
G: 13
APG: 5.1
FG%: 39.8
Strengths: When healthy, Arenas is one of the top scorers in the NBA. The range on his jump shot is nearly limitless, he is nearly unstoppable one-on-one and with the game on the line, few players are more clutch. Weaknesses: Health. Arenas is expected to miss at least the first month of the regular season following a third surgical procedure on his left knee. He was limited to 13 games last season and missed the 2007 playoffs.
[1] Nick Young, Guard
[Photo] Age (season): 23 (2nd)
Ht., Wt.: 6-6, 200
College: Southern California
How acquired: Selected in first round (16th overall) in 2007 draft.
G: 75
PPG: 7.5
APG: 0.8
FG%: 43.9
Strengths: After Arenas, Young may be the team's best one-on-one scorer. He has tremendous leaping ability, which makes it difficult for opponents to alter his shot. When he heats up, he can put up points quickly. Weaknesses: Defense remains a work in progress. As a rookie, Young was solid as an individual defender but struggled when forced to work around screens. He often got lost in the team defensive concept.
[2] DeShawn Stevenson, Guard
[Photo] Age (season): 27 (9th)
Ht., Wt.: 6-5, 218
High School: Washington Union (Calif.)
How acquired: Signed as free agent in August 2006.
G: 82
PPG: 11.2
RPG: 3.4
FG%: 38.6
Strengths: Durability and toughness. Has not missed a game in three seasons and enters year with second-longest active streak of games started (250). He is the team's best individual defender. Weaknesses: After connecting on a career-best 46.1 percent of his shots in 2006-2007, Stevenson shot 38.6 percent last season.
[3] Caron Butler, Forward
[Photo] Age (season): 28 (7th)
Ht., Wt.: 6-7, 228
College: Connecticut
How acquired: Via trade with Lakers in August 2005.
PPG: 20.3
RPG: 6.7
APG: 4.9
FG%: 46.6
Strengths: All-around game. Was the only player in the league to average at least 20 points, 6 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 steals last season. He added range to his jump shot last season and made 90.1 percent of his free throw attempts. Improved on-ball defender with excellent instincts for shooting passing lanes and getting steals. A co-captain along with Jamison, has steadily grown as a leader. Weaknesses: Health. Assorted injuries limited Butler to 58 games last season and he missed the 2007 playoffs with a hand injury. Wizards need close to a full season out of the two-time all-star to stay in contention.
[4] Antawn Jamison, Forward
[Photo] Age (season): 32 (11th)
Ht., Wt.: 6-9, 235
College: North Carolina
How acquired: Via trade with Dallas in June 2004.
PPG: 21.4
FG%: 43.6
FT%: 76.0
Strengths: Durability, professionalism, leadership, production. Was one of five players to average at least 20 points and 10 rebounds last season and put up a career-high 44 double doubles. Unorthodox shot-maker who can step out and make three-pointers (33.9 percent last season). Along with Butler, serves as a co-captain and mentor to team's younger players. Weaknesses: Because he is not bulky enough to handle many power forwards and not quick enough to stay with most top-flight small forwards, Jamison is a difficult defensive matchup. He is not a high-assist player (career 1.7 per-game average) and is better off when he mixes in drives and post-ups with perimeter jump shots.
[5] Dominic McGuire, Forward
[Photo] Age (season): 23 (2nd)
Ht., Wt.: 6-9, 220
College: Fresno State
How acquired: Selected in second round (47th overall) of 2007 draft.
G: 70
PPG: 1.3
RPG: 2.0
FG%: 37.9
Strengths: Has the tools - body size, quickness and competitive drive - to be a stud defensive small forward. In limited action as a rookie, flashed skills as a rebounder and weak-side shot-blocker. Weaknesses: Offensive game remains a work in progress. Worked hard to develop a consistent midrange jumper over the summer and must do a better job of finishing when he gets to the rim.
[6] Antonio Daniels, Guard
[Photo] Age (season): 33 (12th)
Ht., Wt.: 6-4, 205
College: Bowling Green
How acquired: Signed as free agent in August 2005.
G: 71
PPG: 8.4
APG: 4.8
FG%: 45.9
Strengths: Wizards were 37-26 in games he started last season. Ranked fifth in the NBA in turnover-to-assist ratio (3.73:1). Knows where his teammates like to get the ball. A master at drawing fouls on drives to the basket. Durable. Weaknesses: Not a consistent outside shooter (was 17 of 74 on three-point attempts last season) and struggles to stay in front of the league's younger, quicker point guards. Tends to dribble too much, which can stall the offensive flow.
[9] Darius Songaila, Forward
[Photo] Age (season): 30 (6th)
Ht., Wt.: 6-9, 248
College: Wake Forest
How acquired: Signed as free agent in July 2006.
G: 80
PPG: 6.2
RPG: 3.4
FG%: 45.8
Strengths: Solid all-around skills. Good shooter, excellent passer, sets good screens and understands team defensive concepts. Though a natural power forward, can also play center in certain situations. Weaknesses: Not a big-time rebounder (3.4 per game last season) and often struggles to defend longer, more athletic big men.
[12] Juan Dixon, Guard
[Photo] Age (season): 30 (7th)
Ht., Wt.: 6-3, 165
College: Maryland
How acquired: Signed as a free agent Sept. 23.
G: 53
PPG: 5.0
APG: 1.8
FG%: 41.1
Strengths: Streaky shooter who can score in bunches when hot. Has great understanding of Coach Jordan's system so transition should be smooth. Competitive. Not afraid to take big shots. Weaknesses: Undersized for an NBA shooting guard, so opponents will try to take advantage by posting him up. Has reputation as a shooter but has connected on only 34.1 percent of career three-point attempts.
[14] Oleksiy Pecherov, Forward/Center
[Photo] Age (season): 22 (2nd)
Ht., Wt.: 7-0, 234
Country: Ukraine
How acquired: Selected in first round (18th overall) of 2006 draft.
G: 35
PPG: 3.6
RPG: 1.9
FG%: 35.2
Strengths: Good rebounder and a threat at the three-point line who can draw opposing big men away from the basket. Has a strong work ethic. Weaknesses: Has been slowed by foot and ankle injuries the last two seasons. Still has not developed a post-up game offensively.
[17] Dee Brown, Guard
[Photo] Age (season): 24 (2nd)
Ht., Wt.: 6-0, 185
College: Illinois
How acquired: Signed as free agent July 10.
(Played in Turkey last season.) Strengths: Can really push the ball in transition and pressure opposing point guards defensively. Competitive. Weaknesses: Must prove that he can consistently hit open jump shots. (Made 32.7 percent of his shots during a 49-game stint with Utah in 2006-2007).
[32] Andray Blatche, Forward-Center
Photo Age (season): 22 (4th)
Ht., Wt.: 6-11, 248
High School: South Kent Prep (Conn.)
How acquired: Selected in second round (49th overall) of 2005 draft.
G: 82
PPG: 7.5
RPG: 5.2
FG%: .47.4
Strengths: Versatility. Unusual combination of size, quickness and ball-handling ability allows Blatche to play anywhere from small forward to center. Is an excellent rebounder/shot blocker. Weaknesses: Work habits, inconsistency of effort and decision-making. Hasn't developed a steady jump shot. Tends to float through games and often resorts to finesse moves near the basket instead of going up strong.
[36] Etan Thomas, Center
[Photo] Age (season): 30 (7th)
Ht., Wt.: 6-10, 260
College: Syracuse
How acquired: Via trade with Dallas in February 2001.
(Did not play last season.) Strengths: Powerful inside presence at both ends of the court. Good rebounder and shot-blocker and solid one-on-one defender. Doesn't take bad shots (51.7 percent career shooter). Always plays hard. Weaknesses: Coming back from missing an entire season. Career 59.8 percent free throw shooter. Not a threat outside of four or five feet and sometimes gets locked in on own man defensively and doesn't rotate to help.
[33] Brendan Haywood, Center
[Photo] Age (season): 28 (8th)
Ht., Wt.: 7-0, 263
College: North Carolina
How acquired: Via trade with Orlando in August 2001.
G: 80
PPG: 10.6
RPG: 7.2
FG%: 52.8
FT%: 73.5
Strengths: Averaged career highs in several categories including scoring, rebounding, offensive rebounding, free-throw percentage and minutes per game last season. Was anchor to improved defense. Hard worker. Weaknesses: Expected to miss four to six months following right wrist surgery. Not a major offensive weapon.
[36] JaVale McGee, Center
[Photo] Age (season): 20 (rookie)
Ht., Wt.: 7-0, 237
College: Nevada
How acquired: Selected in first round (18th overall) in 2008 draft.
(Rookie.) Strengths: Off-the-charts athleticism for a player with his size and length. Natural shot-blocker (2.8 per game at Nevada last season). Showed no signs of being intimidated during the preseason. Weaknesses: Still growing into his body. Played only two years of college basketball. Tends to get pushed around by bigger, stronger opponents. Sometimes gets out of position defensively.

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