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Postgame Quotes From the Super Bowl

Kurt Warner | Dick Vermeil | Issac Bruce | Steve McNair  | Mike Jones
Kevin Dyson | Fred Miller | Jevon Kearse | Jeff Fisher | Gregg Williams

By Ray Glier
Washingtonpost.com Correspondent
Web Posted: Monday, Jan. 31, 2000; 1:11 a.m. EST

Kurt Warner on touchdown pass
"We had called a play earlier and they came back and told me Issac [Bruce] could beat him. So we needed a big play and Issac is our go-to guy and he came up with the big play for us."

Dick Vermeil
"Kurt Warner is Kurt Warner; it is not a fairy tale, it is real life. He is an example of what we all like to be on the field and off the field. He is a great example of persistence and believing in himself."

Issac Bruce on winning score
"The guy covering me never saw the ball. He just wanted to run and get a cutoff angle at me. He never saw it and fell on his face. And, by the grace of God, I finished the play."

Steve McNair on last play "The decision was great. I think to get the ball into the receiverís hands and, like I said, it was just a one-on-one battle with him and the linebacker. It was just who was going to make the play."

"In the first half we didnít do what it takes to win the ball game. We stopped ourselves on too many drives and we didnít execute as well as we should have in the first half."

"I had to roll out in the first half to make things happen because they were getting pressure on me. In order to see the lane to throw I had to move a little bit to see the throwing lane. Second down the guys buckled down and made thing happen. I had good protection and the guys were running precise routes."

St. Louis Mike Jones on last tackle
I knew I was about at the three or two yard line and when he caught the ball I knew he was short of the end zone a couple of yards. I was right on top of him. I knew that all I had to do was get him down and thatís what I did."

Q. As it the best tackle you ever made? "It won the Super Bowl so it had to be. It was without a doubt the best tackle I ever made."

Tennessee wide receiver Kevin Dyson on last play
"I thought I was going to get there. I didnít think he had a good grip on me and I stretched out, but I was just short. When he got his hands on me I thought I was going to break the tackle. But he got my foot and tripped me up.

On coming close to another Music City Miracle [that beat Buffalo]
"Maybe I should have pitched it back to somebody."

St. Louis right tackle Fred Miller on blocking Jevon Kearse
"I thought it was noise when we played in Tennessee. The crowd noise wasn't a factor [tonight]. That was the key thing. I wasn't surprised. My teammates weren't surprised. They said, 'You got him one-on-one.'

"It was the same game plan we had the first game against Tennessee without the crowd noise."
Jevon Kearse
Miller is a great offensive lineman but I have to give most of the credit to Kurt Warner. Their coaches changed from a five-step drop to a three-step drop and he just got rid of the ball fast. I beat him a couple of times and I could have gotten a sack a couple of times, but Warner just did a great job of getting rid of the ball."

Tennessee Coach Jeff Fisher
As far as emotions, it was momentum. We made our minds up at halftime that we were going to win this game. I credit Kurt Warner on the big play, or itís a different ball game. We did everything we could to give ourselves a chance to win."

"I think our defense caught its breath at halftime. We were on the field the whole first half. We made some adjustments, we tightened down coverages. We challenged receivers. I thought we got a little tentative in the second quarter, so we challenged our secondary. They said Ďbring it on, weíll cover themí."

Gregg Williams, Tennessee defensive coordinator
"They took shorter drops with Warner. They chipped on Jevon, they dashed away from him. They gave some more help. I still think he made some big plays for us. He almost got Warner on the touchdown pass, but he got rid of it. The pass was underthrown because Jevon got to him."

© Copyright 2000 The Washington Post Company

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