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Seles: Safety Not A Concern

Thursday, July 18, 1996 8:03 pm EDT

ATLANTA (AP) -- Monica Seles, stabbed on a tennis court at a tournament in Germany in 1993, said she wasn't concerned about her safety at the Olympics.

``I feel safe in the village and (on) the tennis court,'' Seles, the top player on the U.S. team, said Thursday. ``I feel sure that the security is unbelievable.''

The issue of security at the Olympics gained attention following the crash of a TWA jet in New York on Wednesday. There have been fears that the crash was caused by a terrorist's bomb.

Andre Agassi, the top U.S. men's player, agreed with Seles that it's pointless for athletes to be overly concerned.

``You can drive yourself nuts thinking about it. You can start losing touch with reality,'' he said. ``I subscribe to the `lot of athletes' theory. There are a lot of athletes here. What are the chances?''

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