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Review key stories on the Olympic scandal.
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  •   Key Olympic Scandal Stories From Feb. 1999

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    Key Post stories on the scandal involving charges that the Salt Lake Organizing Committee (SLOC) won the right to host the 2002 Olympic Games by showering cash, gifts and other favors on members of the International Olympic Committee and their families. Highlights on this page include:

    Kenyan Is Fourth IOC Member to Resign
    IOC Executive Board Votes to Expel Six Members
    Sydney Official Offered Money on Eve of IOC Vote
    Top Officials of Salt Lake Bid Resign
    Swedish Town Says It Was Cheated Out of Games

    From Sunday, February 28

    Favors for South Korea's Kim Are in Question
    The favors received by the children of IOC vice chairman Un Yong Kim are one of many questions an ethics panel is trying to sort through.

    Battle Begins to Open Atlanta's '96 Olympic Records
    Georgia Gov. Roy E. Barnes (D) said Atlanta's former Olympic officials should release all of their records to prove they won the Games fairly.

    IOC Panel Deliberates Fate of 13
    An IOC panel began a two-day meeting February 27 to debate the fate of 13 members embroiled in the Salt Lake scandal.

    Betsy Mitchell on Longing for the True Olympic Ideals

    From Saturday, February 27

    U.S. Olympic Official Didn't Report Conflict
    A former USOC executive's invitation to an IOC member to become a business partner has become the subject of several Olympic investigations.

    From Wednesday, February 24

    Two USOC Officials Cleared of Wrongdoing
    The USOC said an investigation into a 1995 electronic mail exchange between two USOC officials turned up no evidence of wrongdoing.

    From Tuesday, February 23

    USOC Says It Won't Probe Atlanta Improprieties
    The USOC will inform the IOC that it does not intend to investigate improprieties by Atlanta officials who bid for the 1996 Olympics.

    From Monday, February 22

    USOC's Schultz Not Confident That IOC Can Repair Damage
    USOC Executive Director Dick Schultz said the IOC may be unable to reform its system that has caused the Olympic bribery scandal.

    From Sunday, February 21

    USOC President Doesn't Foresee New Disclosures
    USOC President Bill Hybl said he does "not anticipate any major disclosures" when the latest report on the Olympic scandal is issued.

    From Tuesday, February 16

    Implicated IOC Members Told to Explain Actions
    IOC members implicated in the Salt Lake City bribery scandal have until the end of February to explain their actions, according to an investigator.

    From Monday, February 15

    Mormons Reflect on Glare of Olympic Scandal
    Some Mormons are worried the upstanding image of their city has been tarnished by the scandal that has implicated only a few of its members.

    From Sunday, February 14

    'Whatever It Takes' Spurred Salt Lake's Bid
    A review of bid committee documents shows that the decision to do whatever it took to win the Olympic bid was a relatively open process.

    From Thursday, February 11

    Official: Panel Needs to Investigate Atlanta Bid Effort
    An official for the Atlanta committee that bid for the 1996 Olympics said an independent panel should be appointed to investigate the bid effort.

    US West Support Ended After Favoritism Claims
    A move toward deregulation has been abandoned following allegations that US West had asked for the effort in exchange for its continued sponsorship.

    In Olympics, Bribery Is Participation Sport
    Post columnist Michael Wilbon has a little problem working up indignation over the Olympic bribery scandal.

    From Wednesday, February 10

    Report: IOC Ethics Lapses Rampant
    An ethics board investigating the Salt Lake City Olympic scandal released a report documenting questionable expenditures involving IOC members.

    Sponsor Reacts After Release of Ethics Report
    Olympic sponsor John Hancock said it was canceling negotiations for $20 million of television advertising after an ethics report was released.

    Rivals Question Link of US West to Games
    Questions have arisen about whether the deregulation of Utah's telecommunications industry resulted from a US West contribution.

    From Tuesday, February 9

    Ex-USOC Official Draws Scrutiny
    A former USOC official may have used two businesses to gather information about IOC members for cities seeking votes for the Olympics.

    From Monday, February 8

    Official Details Business Offer
    A former USOC official linked to the scandal invited IOC member Austin Sealy to join a business venture in 1995, which Sealy declined.

    Ethics Concerns Cloud Olympic Bid
    Members of the Washington-Baltimore bid for the 2012 Olympics said the scandal could cast a shadow over their own activities.

    From Sunday, February 7

    Nagano Celebration Hidden by Scandal
    As Nagano commemorated the anniversary of the 1998 Winter Olympics, questions swirled about whether they went too far in wooing the Games.

    From Saturday, February 6

    Salt Lake City Wants Others Scrutinized
    A high-ranking Australian official proposes that an independent ethics panel investigate allegations of impropriety surrounding Sydney's bid.

    From Friday, February 5

    Air Travel Allegedly Hid Payoffs
    First-class airline tickets were allegedly used as a form of currency by Salt Lake City organizers as they tried to win favor with IOC members.

    Utah Governor Pins Blame On Officials
    Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt said denied knowledge of improper activities regarding the bid process, saying such acts were hidden from him.

    Slippery Slope Develops at Ski Resort
    As Salt Lake City's Olympic organizers face intense scrutiny, a local ski resort's expansion illustrates the intertwining of public and private interests.

    IOC-Backed Suspension for Drug Use Vetoed
    With its integrity damaged by a bribery scandal, the IOC was forced to abandon its crusade against drugs in sports.

    At IOC Breakfast, Gripes, Grievances Are Served
    A confrontation between the Olympic governing board and IOC members was one of the most rancorous encounters in the organization's history.

    From Thursday, February 4

    Delegates Rebuke IOC for Corruption
    An IOC summit on the use of drugs in sports is floundering because many of the 500 delegates see hypocrisy in the group's efforts.

    Former Salt Lake Bid President Speaks Out
    Tom Welch, the former leader of the Salt Lake Olympic bid committee, said Wednesday night that there were no bribes to buy IOC votes.

    From Wednesday, February 3

    Romney Eyed for Salt Lake IOC Post
    Massachusetts millionaire Mitt Romney has been approached about taking over as chief executive of the Salt Lake Organizing Committee.

    U.S. Says the IOC Is Unfit to Police Drugs
    The White House said the IOC as too scandal-ridden to police the sports world's drug problem on the opening day of a summit on drugs in sports.

    Missing Gift Linked to Samaranch
    Two Japanese Olympic officials say they saw IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch accept a samurai sword worth up to $20,000.

    Poll: U.S. Still Upbeat on Olympics
    Americans opinion of the Olympic Games has remained positive overall despite the recent bribery scandal.

    From Tuesday, February 2

    Few Reportedly Knew of Salt Lake Payments
    An independent ethics panel plans to report that knowledge of SLOC payments to IOC members was confined to a small number of people.

    From Monday, February 1

    Samaranch Vows to Keep His Job
    Juan Antonio Samaranch vowed again to remain as IOC president as long as he has the support of the general IOC membership.

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