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  •   Key Olympic Scandal Stories From Jan. 1999

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    Key Post stories on the scandal involving charges that the Salt Lake Organizing Committee (SLOC) won the right to host the 2002 Olympic Games by showering cash, gifts and other favors on members of the International Olympic Committee and their families. Highlights on this page include:

    Kenyan Is Fourth IOC Member to Resign
    IOC Executive Board Votes to Expel Six Members
    Sydney Official Offered Money on Eve of IOC Vote
    Top Officials of Salt Lake Bid Resign
    Swedish Town Says It Was Cheated Out of Games

    From Sunday, January 31

    Olympic Scandal Looms in Africa
    In the debate over Africans' prominence in the scandal, the continent's parallel traditions of foreign aid and domestic corruption loom large.

    For Alma Welch, Bid Was an 'Absolute High'
    For the former wife of bid committee president Tom Welch, the memories surrounding the Salt Lake City bid process are treasured ones.

    From Saturday, January 30

    Ganga Says He Won't Quit
    Jean-Claude Ganga of the Republic of Congo calls the charges against him "nothing but stupidities."

    Salt Lake Probe Looks at Education Funding
    Investigators are trying to determine whether a student received financial assistance from officials who bid for the 2002 Winter Olympics.

    From Friday, January 29

    Panel Finds Evidence of Possible Indirect Payouts
    Complicated transactions may have been used to funnel money from officials bidding for the 2002 Games to IOC members.

    A 'Recipe for Disaster'
    Those involved with Manchester, England's attempt to attract the Games recall some troubling incidents with Olympic officials.

    From Thursday, January 28

    Welch Seeks Information to Prove Case
    Former Salt Lake Bid Committee president Tom Welch has been trying to gather documents to help prove the bribery case.

    Chinese IOC Member: Strip Sydney of Games
    A senior Chinese Olympic official has backed stripping Sydney, Australia of the 2000 Summer Games.

    Charges Possible in Olympic Scandal
    Mail and wire fraud, conspiracy and travel in aid of racketeering are among the charges that may be filed by federal investigators.

    From Wednesday, January 27

    Kenyan Is Fourth IOC Member to Resign
    Charles Mukora of Kenya, saying he was "an innocent victim of circumstances," resigned from the IOC.

    In Strategy Shift, U.S. Probe Also May Target IOC Members
    The change would also include looking into whether those involved violated U.S. racketeering, bribery, tax and customs laws.

    New Vote Requested by Rome for 2004
    The mayor of Rome is questioning the credibility of the vote that named Athens the site of the 2004 Olympic Games.

    From Tuesday, January 26

    IOC Chief Parries Criticisms, Vows Not to Quit
    IOC President Juan Antonio Samaranch said he should not be held responsible for the Olympic bribery scandal.

    Editorial: 'A Willingness to Please'
    As the Olympics evolved into big business, the IOC didn't put in place the checks and balances that any multinational corporation needs.

    Quebec City Will Request Compensation
    The Canadian city is trying to recoup the $7.9 million it spent in trying to win the 2002 Olympic Games.

    Sydney's Main Man Shows How It's Done
    Australian Olympic Committee President John Coates rolled the dice and won the bid for the 2000 Olympic Games.

    From Monday, January 25

    IOC Executive Board Votes to Expel Six Members
    The IOC's executive board called for the expulsion of six IOC members allegedly connected to the Olympic bribery scandal.

    Salt Lake Officials Laud IOC Moves
    SLOC officials praised the recommendation to expel six IOC members and to accept the resignation of three others who were involved.

    An Easy Cure: Samaranch Must Go
    Post columnist Michael Wilbon writes that if a new era is to truly dawn with the IOC, Juan Antonio Samaranch must resign.

    From Sunday, January 24

    Six Members Summoned by the IOC
    Six IOC members accused of taking illicit favors were summoned to explain conduct that has spawned the Olympic bribery scandal.

    Scholarship Program Instituted by SLOC Is Probed
    IRS and Justice Dept. investigators are scrutinizing a "scholarship" program that the tax-exempt Salt Lake City Bid Committee used.

    NBC Executive's IOC Role Probed
    The relationship of IOC member and NBC senior vice president Alex Gilady to the Olympic scandal is now under investigation.

    From Saturday, January 23

    Sydney Official Offered Money on Eve of IOC Vote
    An Australian official said he had offered $70,000 to two members of the IOC the night before Sydney was awarded the 2000 games.

    Head of IOC Investigation Vows to Do the Job Right
    IOC Vice President Richard W. Pound finds himself in the middle of the Olympic scandal – the last place, he says, he ever wanted to be.

    Privileged World of IOC's Members Under Scrutiny
    Un-Yong Kim of South Korea is among the 13 IOC members under scrutiny by a panel that is investigating the Olympic scandal.

    From Wednesday, January 20

    IOC Member Resigns in Salt Lake Bribe Scandal
    IOC member Pirjo Haeggman of Finland resigned in wake of charges that her ex-husband was employed by the SLOC.

    SLOC's Gift Policy Is Under Review
    SLOC employees are allowed to accept gifts from businesses and individuals worth up to $249 – if gifts meet certain other criteria.

    From Tuesday, January 19

    IOC Expands Corruption Investigation
    The IOC is expanding its probe of the bribery scandal to include other cities that may have offered cash, travel and other gifts to its members.

    Salt Lake City's Virtuous Image Tarnished
    Salt Lake City – a prosperous and booming city nestled against the Wasatch Mountains – is undergoing a kind of civic and psychic crisis.

    From Monday, January 18

    Quebec Remembers the Olympics' Bid Game
    Quebec officials – competing for the 2002 Games – have revealed that they, too, were approached for favors by IOC delegates.

    From Sunday, January 17

    Salt Lake's Tarnished Olympic Ring
    A snowballing avalanche of bad news and sleaze-packed allegations has taken the luster out of Salt Lake's golden moment.

    From Saturday, January 16

    FBI Investigating Former USOC Official
    The FBI has broadened its probe into the scandal to include at least one former official of the U.S. Olympic Committee.

    Swedish Town Says It Was Cheated Out of Games
    Officials in Ostersund, Sweden, believe they were cheated out of hosting the Games because the town could not afford to buy enough votes.

    From Friday, January 15

    Utah Gov. Says Salt Lake May Need IOC's Help
    Utah Gov. Mike Leavitt says that the IOC may need to "step up and help" financially if organizers fall short in fund raising.

    From Thursday, January 14

    IOC Official Proposes Site Selection Overhaul
    An IOC vice president calls for an overhaul of the selection process for Olympic sites and a ban of gifts from bidding cities to IOC members.

    From Wednesday, January 13

    Sources: Escorts Not Part of Salt Lake Bid Scandal
    One panel investigating the scandal turns up no evidence to substantiate charges that officials solicited prostitutes for IOC members.

    From Tuesday, January 12

    IOC Vice President Says Games to Stay
    IOC executive says again that Salt Lake City will keep the 2002 Games regardless of the outcome of investigations.

    From Saturday, January 9

    Top Officials of Salt Lake Bid Resign
    The president and senior vice president of the Salt Lake City Committee resign and two other high-ranking SLOC officials are put on paid leave.

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