Day 16
Saturday, Feb. 25, 2006
Event of the Day / Short-Track Speedskating, Men's 500 Meters
Acclaimed U.S. short-track speedskater Apolo Anton Ohno didnít change a thing between 2002 and í06 in terms of preparation. But he wants a new ending in the 500 meters: a win. (Getty Images)
The Short and Long of It: In 500M, Ohno Is Still Waiting

Apolo Anton Ohno wanted everything to be perfect leading into these Games, so he changed virtually nothing from 2002. He kept the bandanas, the flowing hair, the tuft of beard. He even kept his life almost exactly the same, despite having won a gold and a silver medal at the 2002 Games, staying in the same dormitories at the U.S. Olympic Training Center at which he stayed leading up to his first Olympics.

But there is one thing Ohno wants to do differently: the 500 meters.

At the 2002 Games, Ohno was disqualified from his last individual race, the quarterfinals of the 500, on an impeding penalty. The U.S. team's subsequent stumble in the relay -- U.S. skater Rusty Smith tripped -- ended Ohno's quest for four gold medals while Canadian Marc Gagnon stole the headlines, capturing his fifth.

Though Ohno prefers not to focus on medal goals, he surely would like to achieve more in the 500 at these Games, but in a sport known for its skewed results because of its roller-derby style, anything can happen in any race -- particularly this one, the equivalent of track and field's 100-meter dash. For all of his success, Ohno has led the overall World Cup standings in the 500 in just one season, five years ago, and only one of his eight world championship medals has come in the 500 -- and that was in 1999. He will be challenged today by South Korea's Ahn Hyun Soo and China's Li Jiajun and possibly a handful of others from South Korea, China and Canada.

-- Amy Shipley

Today's Medals
And who The Post thinks will win them ...

Men's 15km
G: Ole Einar Bjoerndalen, Norway
S: Sven Fischer, Germany
B: Nicolai Kruglov, Russia
Women's 12.5km
G: Liv Grete Poiree, Norway
S: Kati Wilhelm, Germany
B: Olga Pyleva, Russia
Women's 5,000
G: Cindy Klaussen, Canada
S: Anni Friesinger, Germany
B: Claudia Pechstein, Germany
G: Todd Hays, United States
S: Martin Annan, Switzerland
B: Pierre Lueders, Canada
Short-track speedskating
Men's 500
G: Charles Hamelin, Canada
S: Francois-Louis Tremblay, Canada
B: JiaJun Li, China
Women's 1,000
G: Meng Wang China
S: Hyo-Jung Kim, United States
B: Eun-Kyung Choi, Korea
Men's 5,000 relay
G: Korea
S: China
B: United States
Alpine skiing
Men's slalom
G: Giorgio Rocca, Italy
S: Benjamin Raich, Austria
B: Ted Ligety, United States
Also Today
Men's hockey
Bronze medal, 2:30 p.m.
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