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FILA: Wrestling's International Governing Body

The international governing body for wrestling is FILA, the Federation Internationale des Luttes Associees. It is a world association comprising all countries having a national governing federation in control of amateur wrestling and agreeing to comply with the rules and regulations of FILA.

FILA is based in Lausanne, Switzerland and was founded during the Olympic Games held in Stockholm in 1912. The 36th Congress of FILA was held in 1992 in Barcelona. The three wrestling styles governed by FILA are Greco-Roman wrestling, freestyle wrestling.

To date, a total of 41 Greco-Roman World Championships, 31 Freestyle World Championships and seven Women's World Championships have taken place since the founding of FILA.

FILA also hosts World Championships for youth, on the Cadet level (14-16 years olds) and the Junior level (17-18 years old).

It conducts continental championships for five regions - Pan American (North, Central and South America), Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceania - for its 135 affiliated national wrestling federations on six continents.

Leadership of FILA
The leadership of FILA is a 20-member Bureau, which supervises all aspects of amateur wrestling. Its president is Monsieur Milan Ercegan.

The members of the FILA Bureau (as of January 1996) are: Monsieur Mihaly Biro; Monsieur Raphy Martinetti; Mr. Kemal Oktay; Dr. Matteo Pellicone; Monsieur Michel Dusson; Mr. Adel Moustafa; Monsieur Alexander Novikov; Monsieur Raiko Petrov; Mr. Gustavo Rolle Femandez; Mr. Mario Saletnig; Mr. Shozo Sasahara; Mr. Per Svensson; Dr. Mohammed Tavakol; Mr. Josh Henson; Mr. Oswaldo Johnston; Mr. Chang Kew Kim; Monsieur T. Tzenov and Monsieur Mohammed Ibnou Zahir.

A total of 11 commissions and councils address specific interests of wrestling in the following areas: technical council; referees' council; scientific commission; coaches' commission; medical commission; women's wrestling commission; athletes' advisory board; organization commission; legal and disciplinary commission; television and marketing commission; and press commission.

Activities of FILA
As the international governing body for wrestling, FILA selects the procedures and rules for all Olympic Games, World Championships, World Cups and Continental Championships. It also has the authority to designate, select and train international referees for all FILA-approved competitions.

FILA also represents amateur wrestling and protects its interests at the International Olympic Committee meetings.

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