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  Quotes From Johnson's Manager of the Year News Conference

Compiled by Bryan Tucker Correspondent
Wednesday, November 5, 1997; 8:24 p.m. EST

Opening Comments:
I want to thank everyone for voting for me, I think maybe you guys lost your mind or something I don't know. It's a great honor for me I know I have come close a couple of times but never achieved that. Which I think is the highest award in baseball getting voted manager of the year by the writers. We know each other pretty good and to get the award this year I'm deeply appreciative and forever grateful. It's a very important honor and thank you very much from the bottom of my heart.

Q: I was wondering if you could give your thoughts and feelings as to what prompted you about finally made you resign and your hopes and aspirations as far as managing next year is concerned?
A: Well Bill, number one, I had conversation with Peter Angelos about a week ago and he hadn't gotten back to me and I resolve it one way or the other for the organization. I sent him a fax and really I don't know if you have a copy of what I sent to him, but basically I expressed a commitment to the city and the players and my desire to stay in Baltimore. Basically, I left it up to him, if he felt like it was in the best interest of the organization to make a change, I was going to offer my resignation say he would not have to pay me next year. He got back to me basically and said he accepted my resignation, gave me a couple of reasons and signed off.

Q: Are you hopeful of managing another club next year and any problems of Angelos turning around and saying he wants compensation for you?
A: A part of the letter, I said if you did accept my letter of my resignation I hope that you would be supportive of any other club wanted me to hire me in any capacity. He said he would support that, so I have his blessing.

Q: Do you hope to talk to any other clubs? Is anything imminent, or do you anything lined up to talk to any other clubs?
A: I wish I did, but I don't. I'm a manager with some experience that would love to manage again and hopefully there will be some interest.

Q: I guess you can afford to sit out a year without a salary?
A: You know, the money really didn't enter into it. To me, it was best for the Orioles and the Orioles organization. Mr. Angelos felt a change was in their best interest, so I didn't want to money to stand in the way either of him having to pay me or me hanging around to get it.

Q: Here we are your third tour of duty as manager and once again it didn't work out. But in this particular case, it seemed like a team you really wanted to manage.
A: You know, coming back to Baltimore that is where I started that's where I broke in. I learned to play baseball there, and I came up through the ranks and, you know, was in four World Series and we won two of them. I got traded away and played in the National League awhile and then managed in the National League. I got the opportunity to come back here, and I'll be forever in debt to Mr. Angelos for that opportunity because he brought me back. I thought we had a great year last year, and he wasn't too happy with it. At the end of this year, there were some problems. I'm sorry they didn't work out, but I will always be in debt to Mr. Angelos for giving me the opportunity to come back to Baltimore.

Q: It seems to me that Mr. Angelos wanted to move on. Can you comment on that?
A: Well I didn't want to move on. I had a three-year contract a commitment. We had a 90-minute talk a week before, and he was going to get back to me. I felt we had two good years and I didn't really like being under review I didn't really know what under review was. So I wanted him to either endorse me or support me or make a change, but let me know. He let me know.

Q:The Blue Jays said they are interested in talking to you about the vacant manager's job. Have you talked to the team yet.
A: No. I have not. Butt that is good news to me, and I hope that you are correct in that assessment because they are a fine young team.

Q: Would you be interested in managing Toronto?
A: No question about it.

Q: Would you have particular interest with a job with the Devil Rays?
A: I'm unemployed right now,and I if they had some interest I would to talk to them, too. That is a little tougher job, a lot younger players, a lot of fundamentals and they have a lot further way to go than the Blue Jays.

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