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  Postgame Quotes From the Giants

Compiled by Neil Abt and Matthew Lee Correspondents
Monday, November 24, 1997; 1:15 a.m. EST

Jim Fassel | Jason Sehorn | Tiki Barber | Brad Daluiso | Danny Kanell
Jesse Armstead | Mike Strahan | Charles Way | Corey Widmer

I was very proud of the the team. I thought they gave a tremendous effort.

We expected to win. We are not happy with a tie, although I am very, very proud of this football team. They came on the road and played with the determination to win. It was a tough game, a physical game. Our defense played as well as I could have expected. They did a great job.

Offensively, we made too many mistakes. We gave them the turnover and they capitalized on it. It was a game where we just did not get in gear on some things. You have to hand it to them. They had an excellent plan and played very well.

On electing to punt rather than kick the field goal in overtime:
I don't know that the footing was very good for [kicker Brad Daluiso]. After the Redskins blocked it like that and he missed one earlier, I thought the best thing to do at that time was to punt.

On the Giants' defense:
They were able to hold them when we had to. They got us some turnovers in overtime. We were not able to capitalize on that. They did a great job.

On the offense:
We mad some mental errors. They were able to get a good rush on Danny. Whether they were coverage sacks or not, I'm not sure.

We missed several golden opportunities today. We had our chances, but we have to go back and regroup and get ready for next week. We didn't capitalize in the overtime period, but you have to give credit to their defense also.

We didn't lose anything today—we only gained. It's disappointing, but we can take many positive from this game. I think we gained a lot of people's respect tonight. We didn't lose anything in the standings, and we showed how good our defense can play.

This was one of those game you love to be a part of. Every time you went out there you were like, 'Man, I have to make a play.' It was a great opportunity for us to play in a game like this as far as building character as a young team.

On playing close to the University of Virginia:
It was a lot of fun out there tonight. I heard a lot of [Virginia] fans screaming at me throughout the game. My mom was here along with a lot of people I know. It was a fun experience.

On playing with college teammate Charles Way:
It's nice to have someone to show you the ropes. New York is much different than where I went to school. It makes me feel more comfortable.

On the defense:
Our defense played their asses off tonight. They got us three turnovers, but we couldn't capitalize. Our offense didn't play well tonight, but we will make adjustments and get better.

On the NFC East race:
I know we didn't lose any ground, but it is very frustrating we didn't get a win tonight. That is the way this league works, but I know we have them again and Dallas. If we play better in those games, I think we will be in good shape.

On the kicks and the decision to punt in overtime rather than go for a third field goal:
They were very long kicks. It was a very cold night and the grass was damp and not in the greatest condition where I was kicking from. All of those little things drops the percentage of a kicker making a long kick greatly.

Coach decided that two tries were enough. On the second one, my foot gave way and slipped. It wasn't a very pretty kick.

There are two ways to try a long field goal. The first way is to swing as hard as you can, but you lose a lot of accuracy. That is what I tried, but it didn't work tonight. The other way is to swing easier, but when you do that you are likely to come up short. It looks nicer, and that's what [Blanton] tried to do.

I understand why we punted at the end of the game. I would have liked for us to stop them, get the ball back and then give me another shot at it. It didn't work out that way.

I am very upset about the game tonight. It feels like a loss to me. Our defense gave us good field position, especially in overtime, but we couldn't take advantage of it.

On the sacks:
Most of them were coverage sacks. I couldn't find anyone that was open. I have to give the Redskins credit. Mike Nolan came up with a great game plan for tonight. They have great defensive backs, but we really need to find a way to score more points than we did tonight.

On the decision to punt on fourth and short:
This was the type of game where field position is very important. In a tie game, you have to be conservative. Coach did a good job calling the game tonight, but the offense didn't do a great job of executing. . . . We stopped ourselves at times. We made some plays, but it was frustrating we couldn't put it all together. You have to give the Redskins credit. Their defense held us when they needed it.

What is the team's reaction to the tie?
We don't really know how to react. I feel like it is a loss. I guess it doesn't really hurt us too much in the standings, but our schedule is getting tougher. We'll get another chance against them in three weeks.

On Ken Harvey:
I think I'll see him in my nightmares tonight. He showed tonight what a great player he is. He plays hard every down and makes big plays.

Do you consider the tie a win?
I guess it is half of a win, so in the big picture, we came away with something. It was an away game in a big, hostile stadium at night. That was good but we didn't seize the opportunity we had tonight. I'm upset about that.

On the game:
Each team kept fighting back all night. We are a team that will keep fighting until the end and that is one of the positives we can take from this game. There is no quit in this team. No matter what the circumstances, we will keep going.

Our offense didn't come through tonight, but it is our job as a defense to step up when that happens. It is our job to stop the opponent no matter what the offense does. I think we gained a lot of respect from the people watching across the country that haven't seen us this year.

That was a very strange game. It was one that I will certainly will never forget. I don't consider it a win because the final score was a tie. I'm looking forward to getting another chance to play them again.

Our defense refused to let them score. I didn't know if we were going to win the game, but we weren't going to lose it.

On the struggling offense:
Sometimes our offense will score 30 points for us. Other times they will only score seven. We have to take whatever we can get, and make the most of it.

On Westbrook's penalty:
It was a big blow to their team. It definitely wasn't the smartest play. I was one of the many players yelling at the ref to throw the flag. It wasn't smart football and I know he is a better player than that.

On Frerotte's injury:
I've never heard of a football player get hurt like that. It wasn't a smart thing to do but sometimes you get so wrapped up in the emotion of the game, it takes over.

I don't look at this game as a win or a loss. I don't feel we gained or lost anything. The game ended in a tie, so that is how I look at it.

On his increased playing time:
I was given an opportunity to show my talents, and that is what I've done. I am a different runner than Tiki [Barber] or Tyrone [Wheatley]. We like to mix it up and keep the defense off balance.

I think our offense did all right tonight. It wasn't like they went three-and-out. They put some drives together, but they didn't finish them.

You have to give their defense credit for stopping our offense. I think we get the edge from the tie because we were the road team. They still have to come to our house. I'm looking forward to that.

How do you feel about the tie?
I have a very bitter taste in my mouth.

Did you think this team could be in this position?
Before we even played a down of football, we started believing in the new coaching staff and each other. We've worked hard all year so we could get into first place coming down the stretch. We know we are capable of winning.

What did you learn from this game?
This team has a lot of character. We are the youngest team in the NFL, but we don't show it. We didn't lose patience tonight. Young teams are susceptible to giving up big plays in big games, but we showed we were up to the challenge.

It was a tough game but we are going to regroup and learn from it. We have a lot of tape to watch and we have another tough game next week to get ready for. I know we grew as a team tonight.

Do you consider this a strange game?
Yes. I've never been in a tie before. I've been in battles before like this one. Defensive battles are not strange to me, but there were some weird things happening throughout the game.

On Westbrook's penalty:
It happened out of frustration and it cost his team big. That was one of the differences tonight. We stayed patient. It would have been easy for us to get upset, but we are maturing every week. We are the ones who are playing like a veteran team.

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