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  Marshall Escorted From Field by Police After Verbal Clash With Bear President

By a Staff Correspondent
Monday, Dec. 27, 1943; Page 18

Chicago, Dec. 26 — Redskin President George Preston Marshall and acting Chicago Bear President Ralph Brizzolara clashed — verbally — today near the end of the half and the latter ordered a clubhouse attendant to escort Marshall off the field and into the hands of ushers and police.

Marshall was making his way down to the field from his box seat and selected a runway which led to the Bear bench. As he stood back of the Bear bench waiting for the half to end Brizzolara spotted him and accused Marshall of attempting to steal the Bears' signals.

With wild gestures he shooed Marshall toward the boxes near home plate and sent Clubhouse Attendant Jack Goldie to take Marshall by the arm. Goldie followed Marshall at a brisk pace and Marshall, his big bearskin coat waving in the breeze, ducked into a lower stand box near home plate.

Here ushers asked him for his seat number and when Marshall failed to produce, two policemen took him arm and arm and walked him about a dozen steps before he talked his way out of the predicament. By that time the half ended.

Marshall then hurried to the ramp used by the Redskins to get to the dressing room and caught up with Referee Ronald Gibbs. Never a Gibbs admirer, from an officiating standpoint, Marshall scolded him about plays he called, or didn't call, pointing to the scene of several plays on the field.

In the Bear dressing room after the game Brizzolara was still angry and accused Marshall of the most unsportsmanlike conduct in football. Marshall, according to a bystander, said the Bear president was not a gentleman and he would never speak to him again . . . So there.

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