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  • The Redskins routed the Giants, 50-21, Sunday.

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  •   Your Thoughts on Washington's Win

    Redskins Circle We asked our readers to post their views on Washington's 50-21 victory over the Giants on Sunday, the Redskins' highest point total since a 56-17 victory over Atlanta on Nov. 10, 1991. Here's a sampling of opinion.

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    An excellent all-around performance, granted against a lousy team. We'll really see what they're made of against the Jets, one of the AFC's best teams. But for now, anyway, "Hail to the Redskins"! P.S. - memo to Dan Snyder - change the team name. Native Americans are not the only ones who are offended.

    Tim Beers

    I am very impressed with the skins ability to put up so many points on the board this season. It was a great victory. On the negative side I have a few observations. The redskins should have kicked a field goal on 4th and 6 from the NY 27 yard line instead of going for the first down (and missing). What is up with the skins special teams play this year? Bad tackling, bad blocking, bolcked extra point, suprisingly bad punting. Special teams coach LeCharles McDaniels is not Pete Rodreguiz. Go Skins!

    Alan Harrison
    Hollywood, MD

    I don't think much more can be said than man that was fun to watch.


    Well, I suppose we should all stop yelling for Norv's resignation. Besides, realisticically, has anyone accused his offense of being bad this year? 85 points in 2 games... wow... Did we have this many points in the first half of the season last year?

    Newark, DE

    There is no doubt in my mind after this game that the Redskins have enough talent to win the Super Bowl. The question for the remainder of the season is whether they will become disciplined and consistent, whether they will go from being a team of underachievers to a team that consistently overachieves. Way to go offensive line! Keep it up!

    R Wachter
    San Francisco

    The Redskins showed the Giants what they are really about.. It was a disapointing loss last week but as you can see its behind them.. Now, come back next week on this same field and do the same thing. Go Redskins!!!!!1

    Alamogordo, NEW MEXICO

    the defense need to keep the consistancy

    Nuru Parkar
    Sterling, VA

    Extremely important win. Great offensive play calling Norv. Great execution Brad. BUT what is wrong with the defense coaches and schemes? With the talent we have on defense we should not be giving up this many points every week. Something is definately wrong with the defensive coaching schemes. It looks like they're not being allowed to play instinctive football. Come on defensive coaches, these guys are pros, let 'em loose!

    Potomac, MD

    Good job. We've been waiting ages for Norv's "offensive genius" to show itself. It finally did, though we must keep in mind that the Giants played TERRIBLY. A big reason the skins have scored 85 over the last two weeks is that three of the four starting cornerbacks they were supposed to face were out of action.

    Arman Anvari
    Chapel Hill, NC

    the skins offense is outstanding,there's not doubt that turner's offense has needed all along a q.b like b.j in order to get it going. the trade with minnesota was questioned by some fans,but not any longer. i just hope that the defense can somehow mesh together and grow strong by years end. davis is becoming the big back that we have missed these past years,no disrepect to terry allen of course. washington has always had that 6"1 240 pound back that wore teams down,along with the deep passing game that teams feared, that my friends of the skins is washington football.

    hilton washington

    Good Job & good game. But the front four (Defense) has to inprove. We was lucky to win with NO PASSING RUSH!

    This should be a great confidence builder. It is a win tobe proud of and should completely erase the Dallas loss in their minds.

    Larry Lattman
    Albuquerque, NM

    A very good win and a very good way to send a message to the rest of the league that this year team is for real and you better watch out!! The skins should be 2-0, Hang in there Norv I still believe!!!!! CA

    Charles Alvarado

    as long as the skins keep on mixing in the passing and running games, their offense will be great. their defense looks good at times, but they have to stop giving up big plays.

    Greenbelt, MD

    Skins played a well-rounded game and kept mistakes to a minimum. I am still wondering for the 6th straight year WHY DOESN'T NORV USE THE SHOTGUN MORE???? Go Skins!

    Kevin M. Harris
    Staunton, VA

    It's about time the Redskins played dominating football for four quarters. Now if the the defense can get on board with the offense, the division is ours... Norv do not let "them" get full of themselves.

    B. Whitaker
    Wenonah, NJ

    For the first time in literally decades, we have in Johnson one of the league's premiere quarterbacks. The guy is amazing. BUT there are big problems with defense and special teams, and Connell needs to be consistent. Trade him for Galloway.


    The Skins put up 85 points total in the past 2 games...All I can say is "Brad, Stephen, Michael-keep it up." As far as the defense goes, i'm still a bit concerned. They gave up 21 points to a pretty bad Giants offensive unit. In the past 2 games the defense has allowed 62 points...that's just too much. The defense needs to tighten up, especially in the "red zone." But all around, it was a great game for our home team (In your face Bosworth).

    Alain Laroche
    Hyattsville, MD

    The redskins performed at a level that I have waited for many years to see again. Hail to the Redskins. Great Job!!!!

    Tony Richardson
    Bridgeville De.

    Mike Nolan should still be fired. Long live Norv Turner. He is a great head coach.


    I feel that the 21 point collapse against the Dallas was more of an abberation than things to come. This team is showing that it has what it takes to get to the playoffs THIS year.

    Tampa, FL

    This is an incredible win. This offense is great. The Giants have had one of the best defenses if not the best over the past 2 or 3 years and to put up 50 points is spectacular. And how about that offensive line? No sacks! And they got Stephen Davis over 100 yards again. It looks like this team can go deep into the playoffs. Let's all hope.

    Doug Brill
    Pottsville, PA

    Nice game guys! Keep it up!!

    Vienna, Va

    Great effort!! But I still have concerns about our defensive line. Where is the pressure on the quarterback from our MULTIMILLION DOLLAR TACKLES?? Brad Johnson is a true NFL quarterback what a difference a real pro QB can do for an offense. HAIL TO THE REDSKINS!!

    Los Angeles, California

    This is the happiest I have been in the last 7 years in regards to the offense.Norv is proving that with a GOOD quarterback he can attack a defense relentlessly.The pieces are coming together slowly.Although the skins have slowly turned me into a pessimist over the years, I truly believe this team is special and that we will all be smiling for years to come.

    Kerry Magann

    This is the bookend game for the Redskins. Last years loss at the Meadowlands was one they never could recover from. The fallout from that total breakdwon would linger for three months. What the Redskins needed today was exactly what they got. After another horrendous breakdown to start the season, this team needed to look the past square in the eye and see if they would flinch. They didn't. Instead they finally played the type of game we have been waiting to see for the last 7 years. On this Sunday in the Meadowlands Gus Ferrotte and Marvcus Patton were nowhere to be found. Replaced by Brad Johnson and Champ Bailey the Redskins may have finally turned the corner for Norv Turner. The cycle is now complete, the team that lost to the Giants last year and to the Cowboys last week can now be eulogized. Farewell heartless boys in burgundy and gold, we knew ye all too well. Make room for the REAL's ben a long time coming and it's time to start the '99 payback tour.

    Jim Kelly
    Charlotte, NC

    Outstanding! I'm up here at school in Delaware with mostly Eagle and Giants fans. I was hearing all sorts of stuff this past week after last weeks game. Now I get to do some trash talking of my own for a week.

    Sean Wells
    Newark, DE

    Awesome display of what this team can do on offense. The key is limit turnovers and penalties, and they did that today. Hopefully they can keep it up. I am tired of watching poor performances.


    As a fan who has battled with the Skins since the early eighties, I only have one problem: this is a game where fans will get too hyped up...I would have been much happier had they won by 2 than by a wide margin simply because THEY have not proven they can win the close ones which is a sign of a champ!!!

    Murray Keays
    Niagara Falls

    Last week's loss could have been a blessing in disguise. It appears to have caused a flame (hopefully a 15 game flame). K think Jensen played very well. One wouldn't know he was a rookie.

    Gene Wilson
    Ocala, Florida

    I felt the Redskins were prepared mentally for todays game. They capitalized on early oportinties in the firsy quarter. They handled the presure when the Giants started to gain some momentum in the second quarter. However, this is on the second game of the seasons and there is still alot Norv is going to have to accomplish if he wishes to save his job.

    Derrick L. Brown US Army
    Wash DC, station at FT Hood TX


    'SKINS SINCE '72
    Mt. Airy, N.C.

    Great win for the offense, Turner and the O-line. Turner at his play calling best with players that can actually execute. Brad, Tre, Jon , S. Davis & Alexander were awesome. Not to bring down a big day, but the defense and special teams were less than impressive. No pressure by the D-line and special teams not tight enought. A win we had to have, keep it up !!!

    Vic Parady
    Bordentown, NJ

    I'm glad to the Redskins went in to NY with their heads up. Last week was a lesson. This week was show of confidence. That's Redskin football we've missed for a few years. Hats off to offense and defense. Oh, one more thing, look out NFC East, the Skins are back.

    Jim Burroughs
    Harrisburg, IL

    This is a new Skins team. Instead of fumbling into a 0-7 start, they rebound and bomb the Giants. Brad Johnson is the best QB for the Skins since Rypien. The D needs to step up though.

    Oliver Willis
    Silver Spring, MD

    I remember reading this column last week: Oh how quick people forget. It is only 1 game. Now let's see the 'Skins do it for 2 weeks in a row. Then their play may be worth commenting on. Decent performance, still A LOT of mistakes and the defense put literally no pressure on the Giant QB's. This is a good starting point but there is room for much improvment.

    George Kott
    Farmingdale, NY

    The offense looks like it can take it to anybody. The offensive line is much improved and I for one believe that is the key to success in the NFL. Brad Johnson is a delight to watch-a true athlete. Our wide receivers and tight ends are performing admirably and will only get better. Stephen Davis is a first class NFL runner and I agree with the assessment that the Cardinals lost their mind when they let Larry Centers go. I thought our special team play was fair. We permitted to many long runbacks, had an extra point blocked, our punter was not up to his pro-bowl self and I'd like to see our kicker get more kicks deep into the endzone. Our defense made several nice plays. But something is missing. Not enough pressure on the qb. Did we register a sack? The pieces seem to be there but at the moment I would say we are only average. So my ratings: Offense-A; Defense C; Special Teams C-. I would expect this report card to improve.

    Don Smith
    Weems, Virginia

    FYI: The Washington Redskins are here to stay. I am not getting carried away after one win, but this team has heart and character! I never felt as sick in my life as last week, and it is exciting to see an Offensive Line and Quarterback perform the way they did. Maybe now the usually high class redskins fans will quit crying and complaining about everything under the sun... It is past time we get our butts into that stadium (early as possible), and make some NOISE!

    Bryan Smoak
    Wilmington, Delaware

    I thought the offensive line did an outstanding job in protecting Brad Johnson. The defense also stepped up a major step as compared to one week ago. I can't recall the last time I saw the defensive secondary be so "on the ball". They were extremely sharp and I noticed very few "missed tackles". And if the defensive line and the secondary keep playing at this level for the remainder of the season, then its just a matter of time before the Redskins bring home another SuperBowl Trophy! Brings back great memories of winning seasons gone by.

    Nokesville VA

    If I have to miss the rest of the games this season to get that kind of outcome from the Redskins, I will!

    Winston-salem, NC

    © Copyright 1999

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