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  •   Your Thoughts on Washington's Win

    We asked our readers their thoughts on Washington's 24-10 victory over the Arizona Cardinals. Here's is a sampling of those views.

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    An average win over a very bad team. The skins are still without a passrush and hopefully Ken Harvey can come back soon. The special teams unit might be the worst in the NFL the coach should be fired. Horrible blocking and bad returns. Champ Bailey and Darrell Green did prove though that they are the best cb tandem in the NFL.

    Stelio Kondylis
    new york

    An ugly win but a win. All credit goes to the defense. Hopefully Brad Johnson can recover from his subpar performance and run wild over Dallas.


    Just goes to show that Brad can be a bit off and the team working together will still come through. Go Champ - Great game!!!


    A rather uninspiring performance against a team so pitifully devoid of any offense. While I have extolled the virtues of the offense over the prior three games, I saw nothing to sing "Hail to the Redskins over." The Redskins would have been dead meat if Champ Bailey hadn't played his heart out. We finally get a glimpse of the Redskin offense when Brad has an off game. In short, this was an ugly win...but, it still counts as a win. I'd rather win ugly than too lose pretty like we did against the Cowboys. Now.....bring on those cowgirls!

    Carroll Prescott
    Newport News

    Enjoyed the improved play by the defense, however Nolan is still to passive and allows opposing QB's too much time by not blitzing enough. Was happy to see Norv finally use the running game a little. I hope next week will have even more aggression by the defense and the running game gets a little more action. We still need someone to teach the kick receiving team something about blocking and setting up running lanes. Every time Mitchell fields a kick, the only thing you see is opposing team jerseys around him.

    Abb Abanathey
    Killeen, Texas

    It was great to see that when Brad Johnson struggled the defense found a way to come forward and make plays. Also, the organization showed a real sense of urgency to improve defensively by hiring Arnsparger. That sentiment seems to have trickled down to the players.

    Chris Snyder
    Haverford, Pennsylvania

    They don't look overpowering, but play well enough to win. That's a positive change from last year!

    Tony Pecoraro
    Livermore, Ca.

    Nice to see the defense finally coming up to par. The offense came through when the defense struggled in the previous games and it is good to see the defense able pick up the slack when the offense was cold at the start of this game. Now if they could only hire a special teams guru.....

    Virginia Beach, VA

    Great WIN! I'll said it one more time BRIAN MITCHELL is no longer average on kick off and punt returns! The Special Teams play is getting worse every Sunday!


    Washington played well considering they just came off of a byeweek. They'll take it to the Dallas Cowgirls nextweek.

    Clarksville, TN

    I think they did great during this game. Brad Johnson is a good quarterback and despite having a bad day, this team showed they could win.


    I'm happy to see a much improved defense, but the offense had an off day ! Well, they can't be perfect all the time. I'm just happy to be 4-1. Now I hope we get some payback next week on those disgusting Cokeboys! Tommorrow night all I gotta say is: GO GIANTS !!!

    Stefan "Redskin" L|ck
    Gretna, Louisiana (near New Orleans)

    Let the skins now put this win behind them and focus on Dallas. The Defense although giving up 10 points still looks shaky at times and When will Brian Mitchell realizes the season has started.

    John Foster
    Shoreham NY

    I really thought the defence was falling asleep again , but they pulled together, regrouped, and pulled off another victory GO 'SKINS !!!


    The offense showed a little rust and the defense stepped up and helped win the game. Champ Bailey what a game.

    Jack Gillette

    Good solid defensive win. It was nice to see the skins win one when the offense wasn't firing on all cylinders. Champ bailey is the MAN!!!! He is a true super star on defense. WOW!!!! is all I can say. The defense played well tonight..much better then in the first 4 games. Now on to Dallas this is a must win game for the skins. Win this and they will be considered serious contenders

    Bill Foster
    Las Vegas

    Explain why when Plummer was sacked and his finger was stuck in Shawn's helmet there was no flag. It did not appear Jake was attempting to pass, therefore could it not be considered a face mask or a take down ?? Also what happened to the ball, if it was jarred loose,it was a fumble, who recovered . Or did I just plain miss everything ??????

    Billy Moore
    Calabash, No. Carolina

    Congratulations to Champ Bailey for setting two NFL records, being named the NFC defensive player of the week, and the NFL rookie of the month for October. dropped the ball on not allowing us to vote for him in their stupid "Who had the most impressive performance on Sunday?" poll.

    Steve Hall
    Montgomery, Ala

    Great game. Great season (with some heart stopping moments). Im impressed and excited about the potential of this redskins team. The only thing ive been disappointed in so far is the fan response. What's wrong with u guys? This aint the 91' redskins. U cant expect domination in EVERY aspect. Give the defense and coaches a break, and enjoy what is turning out to be a very good season. If u wait till after they are dominant in the NFL, everyone will just call u a bandwaggoner. Show some support for the team u love, for pete's sake. They're workin their butts off for u.

    Manny Long
    Northampton MA

    Way to stick it out guys. You can't have a flawless game every time, so you find a way to win. Put it all behind you, and get ready to beat those cowboys!!!

    Washington DC

    Great win. Offense seemed a little flat and out of synch, but the defense stepped it up a couple of notches. Special teams still need to do better but overall a satisfying win.

    Elk City, OK

    The 'Skins win over the Cardinals was exactly what it was. A win. While watching the game, I noticed a few things, first being the importance of Micheal Westbrook. Anias Williams kept him quiet for most of the game, and the Redskins' offense became 1-dimensional for nearly 3 quarters. Irving Fryar only caught 1 pass tonight. He needs to have more plays scripted for him, and the offense will become even more efficient. The Dallas Cowboy defense will prove my point next week. 2. The defense of the 'Skins still needs to work on some of the fundementals of the game. Even though they only allowed 247 of defense this game, the way they are playing, the cowboys might still score atleast 35 points. nice win, but I don't think that the skins have the talent to continue bringing so many people on the blitz, only to expose the weaknesses of the LB's and safties. Hopefully, Harvey will come back and free up some of the other players to help on coverage.


    This could have been a killer. If the 'skins were to have lost this game, well, let's just say that it's better to\ be going into Big D at 4-1 than at 3-2. Say what you will about the goings on at Redskin Park the last two weeks and the arrival of Bill Arnsberger(sp?). The bottom line in this league, for Mr. Snyder, and the fans is to "just win baby". Hey, do you think Mr. Snyder can coax Al Davis into selling us that slogan? We got a few draft picks we can give up. By the way, wouldn't Lavarr Arrington look great in Burgundy and Gold? Hey Cleveland, want a few first rounders?

    Jim Kelly
    Charlotte, NC

    The fans finally got what we wanted.......DEFENSE. Brad, still love you. Everybody has a bad game once in a while, right?????? The good thing, is that the Skins were able to win despite the fact that The so called spark plug wasnt sparking. Is there any retired special teams legends around waiting to become a coach, ooops, I mean consultant??? All in all, good win, and absolutely great defense. The Reskins are the Champ (Bailey)!!!!

    Kory Embrey

    The offense looked rusty after the bye week, but tthe defense made plays when it had to. I'm not ready yet to sing their praises because the Arizina offense is innept. However, it's a nice place to start. p.s. I almost forgot, the special teams coach has to go yesterday!!!!

    J. Gillespie
    Arlington, Va.

    The Defense finally came through for an Offense having an Offday. But I'm not mad at Brad or anyone on the Skins Offense, they just had a slightly bad day. At least during the first half. Let's hope both sides are up to par in next week's game against the Cowboys. Which, if they beat the Giants, will be a battle for possession of 1st place in the NFC East. Whoo hoo!

    Annapolis, MD

    Brad Johnson has a sub-par game, as far as his stats have shown over the first few weeks of the season, Steven Davis gets hurt, special teams' penalties, and we still gounded out a victory. Are we that good or are they that bad. I think it might be the latter. Great win just like they all are, but to beat Dallas in Dallas is another thing. I am sure they will come out firing, but they better fire for 60 minutes because if the Redskins play to each players potential, they will not lose another game. I am seeing a toughness that is developing along with having fun and playing like a team. I love it , its about time.

    Paul Klemp

    Finally the defense picked it up when the offense was struggling. I'd like to see less penalties if the Skins want to compete. Impressive victory though, over a team that has given the Skins so much trouble recently.


    Perhaps Danny Snyder should hire a special-teams consultant to help LeCharles. Even in the worst of times the last few years, the Skins special-teams could always be counted on for consistant play. Now they can't kick a punt or return a kick without a fumble and a flag or two! Ah, a win is a win regardless, and 4-1 is looking pretty sweet right now!

    Mike N.

    Great victory 'Skins- you guys kept playing hard all game. Great to see the team fight through a sluggish start. The defense made plays when they HAD to. Go Redskins.

    Mark C.
    Everett, WA

    A glimpse of hope on defense and a misfiring offense. Should be a wake up call for Sunday's Dallas game. Show us what you can really do. Go Redskins.

    Fawaz Abdulnour
    Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

    Looking Good. I expected, again, our offense explosion but not as much as previous four games.... We were good enough grab another victory. Defense looked really stepped up but they need more work (they still giving up big play). Now it is time to beat up cowboys.

    Springfield, VA

    Brad, Baby! Chill...You knew you were gonna eventually throw an interception... shake it off. We still love ya! There's too many exciting, great things happening around you to be distracted by the occasional, inevitable boo-boo.

    Bill Tongue
    Colorado Springs

    What was up with Johnson's throws, they were horrible. He looked out sync, like he had something on his mind. The offense was horrible, no emotion at all everyone looked mad at one another. defense played better but Arizona missed alot of oppurtunities also. We'll see what happens next week in Big D.

    Ft. Lauderdale, Fl

    I thought the defense played well. the redskins are continuing to make too many penalties and mental errors. I liked the way they ran the ball, but they should have tried to go over the top to Westbrook or Connell more. One more thing, I felt still have not handled the blitz well in the past few weeks, so they could work on that. valentin

    valentin cordeiro
    pasadena, ca

    The Defense looked great, except a couple of big passes. Brad Johnson had a tough game (two interceptions? And I thought he would go all year without any...), but the offense still gained over 400 Yds. Westbrook was disappointing, but AC had a big game. Not many people will be able to ignore the Redskins anymore.

    Ben Mann

    I think the Redskins are maturing nicely. Conway got his miss, B. Johnson threw his INT's and the skins still won. That suggests a winning attitude which is a prelude to a great season.

    R. Nabavian
    Columbia, MD (now in San Diego)

    A win is a win, I think 4-1 is great. The "D" looked better, I think the week off hurt the "O". Centers looked great, I bet they'd wish they had him back, what dummies!!


    Except for Conway, the special teams are the worst I have ever seen. The defense looked a lot better. Let's see what they can so against Aikman, though. He tore them up last time.

    Steve M
    Vancouver, WA

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