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Your Thoughts on the Redskins' Loss vs. Buffalo

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We asked our readers to react to Washington's loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. Here is a sampling of the responses.

See what hapens when they play a REAL football team. They get ambushed. The Redskins are NOT a very good gootball team and will struggle the rest of the season and miss the playoffs. One more thing, this defense is horrible! $nyder (The Big Dan) needs to rattle some more heads and clean house. He can start with Nolan.


The Redskins are looking at going 9-7 at best. If they do make the playoffs, they will be knocked out in the first round. At this point, I don't think firing Mike Nolan would turn the Redskins defense around. They have to get better defensively in the offseason if they are to be a legitimate contender.

Alan King

Daniel Snyder should fire Norv Turner now. This has gone on to long for the Washington DC fans. Where is Joe Gibbs when you need him? Oh that's right he is now a successful car owner in NASCAR and Drag Racing. Maybe Norv should try owning some donkeys and see if he could win a race in Mexico.

Ron Wagner
Annapolis MD

Just another sign, the Redskins can't beat a winning team. MESSAGE FROM THE NFL TO WASHINGTON: If you can't run with the big dogs stay on the porch.

Gary Nacht

The Redskins should be embarrassed with their performance today. You cannot let another team come into your stadium and dominate you like Buffalo did today. Mike Nolan must go!!!

Mark Yarbro

The 'Skins are great against weak teams, but can't rise up against teams with any kind of moxie.

Fairfax Frank

If Nolan & McDaniels still have a job Monday morning, then kiss the playoffs goodbye for yet another year. And while you're at it, fire Turk too.

Serina Guy
Richmond VA

1. where has Norv's high powered offense been the past two games against teams with winning records? too many "three and out"s. 2. a high school coach could have called a better game defensively against the Bills. Run blitz - on running plays that helps to stuff that porous middle & on passes that gets someone into Flutie's face. sure that puts pressure on the DEs to keeps contain, but that's better than letting Flutie pick you apart, and even if you don't get to him, you rattle his cage a bit, maybe bat some balls down, maybe force him to make a mistake. On plays that you're not run blitzing, rotate those linebackers back into passing lanes for underneath support against the quick slant. also, on third downs, put a spy on Flutie. whatever you do, mix it up, give him lots of different looks.

blacksburg, va

It has been embarrassing to be a redskins fan the past 6 years. It is even more embarrassing now than ever. This is the worst defense in the history of organized sports. This is also the worst play calling. Whoever maintains that Norv knows how to call plays needs to get off of the bandwagon and form their own original thought on the subject: 3rd and 18, you're thinking a pass down feild right? wrong, it's a pass to the slowest running back to ever play, brian mitchell... down 17 to 10 and in desparate need for momentum, it's 3rd and 4...you're thinking quick hitter, maybe a screen pass to DAVIS!! or perhaps a run off right tackle?.....wrong again, lets call the second reverse of the game that we already gave them a look at a few drives earlier!!!! HELLO!!!! okay okay, we're down 24-10 and our backs are against the wall, surely Norv wont panic and forget we have a running back like he ALWAYS does when we're behind, or ahead for that matter. You're thinking grind out a score to gain momentum righ t? kinda like dallas does to us every game.....yep they can come back by RUNNING THE FOOTBALL!!! amazing huh Norv? well you guessed it..our offensive "guru", and I use that term lightly, calls 3 incompletions and a punt. Congratulations on demonstrating once again for all those with a little faith left that we have the worst coaching staff in organized sports!!!!!!

Jeremy Jameson
Charlotte Hall

I am not a Redskins fan and I happen to be a Bills fan. Even I had begun to think that maybe the Skins did have something this year. The telling fact is that you have to look at who they beaten and also the teams they have lost to. After their beating today, it's pretty obvious that they really are not very good at all.

M. Rey

No, the talent on our defense is not this bad! If we had a Petibone again or Ryan coaching this defense, you would see remarkable improvement. Maybe still not the best defense in the league but much better than what we have in D.C. now. I think Green is playing his final year, he has lost a step or two and is not the same CB we once knew. STILL, I think we should try to take two linebackers in the 1st round next year. Dana and Big Daddy would be somewhat better with linebacker help. But then again, I said the same thing last year that if we got more production off our DE's, which we have this year, they would be better. Anyway, I have been a die hard Redskin fan since George Allen first took over the team and I have never seen such a bad defensive scheme planned for a game. FIRE NOLAN NOW! I almost think Norv should go as well. How could we be much worse on defense if we fire Nolan????

West Palm Beach, Florida

If this isnt another really good reason to fire Mike Nolan then I dont know what the hecht is!!! We are already worst in the lague so without him we cant do worse. I can call plays to make the defense look like they are sleeping. This is totally unacceptable defensive play, and play calling. hey Dan Snyder news flash, you were yelling at the wrong coach at the Dallas game, yell at Mike Nolan. every game we have lost, the defense has been horrid, and the ones we have one, we scored enough to not let the horrible play of the defense let it slip away. I say fire Nolan tonight, and let on of the local high school football coaches run the defense, hecht they cant do any worse!!!!

Rob smith
Palm harbor, Florida

HOW BAD does the defense have to be before Mike Nolan is shown the door? It's bad enough that they brought in a "consultant" (Does anybody else out there have a job where if you aren't getting your work done they bring in somebody else to "consult" you?) I've heard so much about how the Skins can't beat the Cowboys, but they haven't shown they can beat ANYBODY good.

Aaron Snyder
Easton, PA

If you receive a paycheck in excess of 5 to 6 figures per game, you would assume the player's are giving their all. Could there be a problem with the coaches not matching the ability and intensity of the players?I Love the Redskins. Chuck

Palm Beach

First, I want to know is when is Snyder going to fire the head coach, the defensive coach the special teams coach,and ALL the rest of the coaches. Second I want to know if Stubblefield can be Fed-Exed back to the BAY along with the other underachievers such as "Big Loser" Dan Wilkenson and overrated Chumnp Baily. And Matt Turk, I wish he would play some more basketball and break a few more fingers. And also tell Westbrook he won't make make the Hall of Fame and the only way Albert Connell will keep up with Deion Sanders is in his dreams. I am a devoted Redskin fan of 40 years but today was like watching a play where all the actors forgot their lines.

Robert Romero
Tucson, AZ

It sure would be nice to the defense play at a level that they are being paid for.

Scott Goodspeed
Vienna, VA

Oh Danny boy talk's the talk but doesn't walk the walk. This defense has let them down again and will do so in the playoff's if they make it. If Nolan is not fired the redskins deserve to be in the situation that they are in. Danny has dropped the ball!!

Ethan Jervis
Wood River Junction Rhode Island

I think mike nolan and turner need to make a change in the linebackers try to put more speed out there. And the linemen need to relize that they hold the KEY to a good season and maybe the playoffs, the saying goes, if you can't stop nobody you won't WIN. You need to come play every sunday, becuse the way the team is playing a good pee wee team can beat us.The coaching staff also needs to be put on notice that they are the ones responsible for winning and losing and must also face criticism or firing and i belive we should have fired coach turner and mike nolan last year , but now we must turn this team around becase it's only going to get tougher. REMEMBER DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS JUST ASK COACH GIBBS!


I think the team packed it in after the Bills scored the first TD of the second half. Today's game was difficult to watch. Hey Mr. Snyder, neither the coaches nor the players deserve their game checks today. The Redskins were exposed today as a mediocre team the will not beat teams with winning records. No team can win consistently in the NFL with only one of the 3 components clicking.

Vienna, VA

With all the "supposed" talent that this team has on defense, I'm confused as to why they can't get their act together. The Redskins seem to play good only against bad to below average teams. They still cannot seem to handle a "good" team yet. Also, on defense, the players seemed, when they were playing today, to be at a complete loss as to how to stop Buffalo. I blame the coaching staff for this. Everything is, how do you say it? So "vanilla" is what I think you could call it. On offense, Washington, after starting out so well with the run, got away from it early and never returned. Once again, the play calling rarely showed any creativity. And when are the coaches going to realize that Matt Turk is probably not going to be able to punt the ball effectively until his hand heals. Find another punter. Please! Then bring Turk back when he is ready. Finally, I'd like to have been a fly on the wall when Danny boy made his way back to the locker room after this one. How long, Danny, how long?

Jim Zahringer
Colonial Heights, VA

For starters I am a true fan, not just a fair weather fan. I am originally from Baltimore, and after the Colts bolted for greener pastures, I became true a burgundy and gold Washington Redskin fan. It's been a few years since I could walk around the office proudly after Sunday football. I am encouraged with this team, they have lot's of potential. The thing I can't,understand is how can a team with so many good defensive players be so poor. You can say what you wan't but I would like to see other defensive coordinators around the league take these names. I'm sure it would be better than the one we have here. Sometimes the obvious does not fit, you take Mike Nolan who is supposed to be an up and comer as far as coaches go. But maybe he is not the one for Washington. I am sure there are plenty of marriages that seemed good going into matrimony that just turned up bad. Well Mike Nolan,and the Redskins look good on the mantle, but behind closed doors they could surely use some COUNSELING.

Kevin C. Rivers
Alpharetta, Georgia

Take the bandwagon and push it over a cliff. This team is not ready for a bake-off much less the playoffs.

J. Callaghan

Well I have said all along, if you don't play defense in the NFL, you can not compete with some of the better teams, they lack the mentality, the ability and the coaching to be a playoff caliber team, Turn out the lights the partys over.

Thurman A. Harmon
Lexington pk MD

Too confident after the Bears game. Defense doesn't appear to be motivated. Appears to be many mental errors on defense and special teams. Offense is adequate most of the time, however, the line was asful today. It's a shame that the fans have to be so disappointed with a team that has the potential but doesn't seem to want to win nearly as bad as the fans want them to win. All the players should appear more humble this week and stop all the jive talk and get down to business instead of running their mouths.

Alexandria, Va.

I would encourage all Redskins fans to boycott the team. Only in this way can you truly register your dissatisfaction in a meaningful way. Almost every fan I have spoken with agress that Mike Nolan should be fired immediately - what is there to lose in that department? Additionally, many feel that Robiskie would make a better head coach than Turner. I say boycott the Redskins now. Let your money do the talking.


Yesterday's game bring's (more) attention to something that's been troubling me since the beginning of the season: you can have a good offense, but unless your defense is good, too, you'll won't see much of January.


The defense(?) is PATHETIC!!!!!!!! However, I think this is to high a level. So whatever is less than PATHETIC is our defense.

Jerry Kephart

The defense(?) is PATHETIC!!!!!!!! However, I think this is to high a level. So whatever is less than PATHETIC is our defense.

Jerry Kephart
Charlottesville, Va

what a joke- this is coach turner's fault for A. the lack of offense B. for not having the team ready to play. our run defense it still a joke. there is no excuse for losing to weak teams like buffalo. the redskins definitely would have been ready to play and played great against a weak team like this under Coach Gibbs. The lack of being ready to play has haunted Coach Tuner through his tenure and it showed today. norv must go!

joe milharcic
Indianapolis, IN

It is very frustrating to watch the skins defense ! The 3RD down defense is absolutely horrible, they are tackling horrible,just overall disgusting.I beleive at this point you replace Nolan and replace with an assistant and Arnsbarger.We can not get any worse thats for sure ! Im sick !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New York

You konw what's scary folk's? Even if Mr. Snyder fires Turner & his staff, we are still stuck with Vinny Cerrato, the man that is responsible for all of the current...ah..."talent" on this 49'ers team that lost again today... This is starting to feel like Bengals territory. Geez.

James L. Davis
Best Western, OC

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