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Your Thoughts on the Redskins' Loss vs. Buffalo

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We asked our readers to react to Washington's loss to the Buffalo Bills on Sunday. Here is a sampling of the responses.

Fire Mike Nolan!


It hurt to watch another chance for some breathing room in the NFC east slip through our fingers. As much as I would like to put the blame squarely on the shoulders of "defenseless coordinator" Mike Nolan, I am starting to question whether or not Norv Turner is a big time coach. During his tenure, I have yet to see the Redskins win a "must game." I still believe that we can make the playoffs, but I really hope we still look at all viable coaching candidates in the offseason. And for God's sake, PLEASE resign Stephen Davis before the season is out!!!

Tim Towe
Arlington Heights, IL

Stop monkeying around with incompetent coaches. Norv must go, Nolan must do the packing. It seems like Norv is happy with average. Time and time again, he has had the opportunity to move this team forward as a viable fixture in the NFC and NFL. He fails every time. What do you expect to get if he ever makes the playoffs? He'll never win the big games, he never has, and I don't expect he ever will. Six years is proof enough - get him outta there.

Gainesville, VA

Six first-rounders on defense and still week after week they give up 30+ points. What gives? I see absolutely no improvement. It has to be mental after awhile. The good news is after the Skins fail to make the playoffs again we will at last be free of Norv and Company.

Sam Bartlett
Chester VA

Defense where are you, lackluster, shameful performance. I don't know if firing Nolan is the answer but it can't hurt. And as for Turk, I'll take Hansen. He will give 100%. And I'll take a guy giving that effort to one that is not. It could be a long season if we keep playing D the way we are.

Jack Reetz
Henderson, NC

y2k wishlist: 1. new head coach 2. new defensive coordinator 3. dominating DT (or two) who can draw double team blocks & thus keep Offensive guards off of linebackers. 4. experienced middle linebacker who can stuff the run (why did we ever let Marvcus Patton go?) 5. another CB with fresh legs like Bailey - Green has obviously lost a step, but should be helpful on third down & obvious passing situations. 6. world peace


Buffalo was just too much for that lousy defense. The Redskins defense better shape up if they plan on going any where in the playoffs

El Paso TX

Three Strikes & Your Out Coach Nolan has out thunk even his own players with his bend and break scheme. However, no matter what the scheme, the backers & secondary need to tackle a whole lot better, as well as begin to cover somebody! We still have a long way to go & there are some unemployed head coaches looking for work! It's not that hard to change & simplify a defense--this aint rocket science!

S. Hayman
Silver Spring, MD

I hate to say I told you so but last week my comments posted here predicted to a tee the outcome of yesterday's game, and pointed out the deficiences of the Skins that your columnists are discussing in todays issue. Nolan must go, NOW! I love Darrel Green, but if the Skins let him return in a starting role next year they are comprimising their stated position of building a winner. This is NOT a playoff team, they haven't beaten anybody in several years, and their record against winners is embarassing. How did we sink this far??? In Roanoke, season ticket holders have trouble GIVING AWAY unwanted tickets. I have been a diehard fan since childhood and I turn down free tickets every week; the Skins just aren't worth the hassle and the four hour drive. With all due respects to Norv Turner, his six year experiment needs to be terminated.

Doug Chittum

At what point in time will the Washington Redskins stop pretending, and start contending? At what point will it stop being the coaches fault, and become the fault of the "professional atheltes" on the field? At what point will the punter, punt, the special teams become special, the offense play a complete game, and the defense understand that that other "d" word (desire) plays a big role in how you approach the game. At what point will the fans truly become bored with the same old excuse year after year? I think this Skin fan has reached that point in time. It might be a long time before this team ever becomes competitive during an entire football season with this current coaching staff. At some point in time this the level of play on the field needs to match, or exceed the level of excuse making coming from the locker room.

David Brown
Austin, Texas

Enough excuses.
Nolan is the worst defensive coach in the league. If I can see that why can't anyone else. Sure Flutie is hard to stop. But you have got to put your guys in position to make plays! Several times during yesterday's game I saw plays which could have turned the game around... but they were'nt being made. Linebackers standing around while a gaping hole opened up in the Buffalo offensive line... Flutie standing back there waiting for someone to get open...which they did!

Nolan...use some creative blitzes on 3rd down situations, don't rush 3 and then have your linebackers stand around waiting for something to happen...geez..what an idiot!

Disgruntled with the Defense
Keller, TX

Please realize that the Bills are a class organization because if they wanted to, they could have scored 3 to 10 more points without too much problem. They basically played prevent offense and defense in the 4th quarter. Also your coverage of the game does not give enough credit to the Bills' defense that held the potent Washington offense to 10 points, before a meaningless late game touchdown.

Washington, DC (by way of Buffalo)

PATHETIC!!! The defense should have just stayed home because Buffalo would have had a harder time scoring against an invisible defense. Nolan, try changing things up a little bit, how about blitzing once in a while. Norv, you are without blame, too. Sometimes a good defense is a ball controlling offense. Stephen Davis has about ten carries, what are you doing? The guy is the leading rusher in the league and he has only ten carries. I am so sick of you and your same old excuses!


Get rid of Nolan now . . . what can it hurt. The defense stunk when he got here, and it stinks, now. OK, OK, probably a rash move, but it would feel good.


I'm tired of watching the other team eat Darryl Greens' lunch AND take his milk money! It's time to replace this 39 year old former star. There's no room for sentiment in this game. He just can't cover anymore. He's certainly not the only problem but he's part of it, as well as the linebackers. While we're at it we can replace Brian Mitchell too. He's trying to blame the blocking but it looks like he doesn't have the speed to catch up with the blockers. AND what in the world is wrong with Matt Turk?

Redskin Robert
Richmond, Va.

If there were any Washington Redskins players on the field who gave 100% they were hidden by the large number of players who didn't. There are no bright spots to focus upon, unless you look ahead to the next roll-over-and-die opponent, the Eagles. We have shown that we cannot beat a good team; only the poor ones. I have been calling for a "housecleaning" of our coaching staff for three years, and continue to do so. Hopefully the year 2000 will see that wish come true. Until then, get ready for more of the same.


The defense failed us once again. For the nth time this year, our 'D' made an opposing team's offense look great. We couldn't stop their tight end Riemersa(sp?). Darrell Green couldn't handle Eric Moulnds. Our front seven couldn't handle Jonathan Linton(who's he??) let alone Doug Flutie. Our defense just plain stinks. Now it time for us to start thinking about possible free agents and defensive coordinators in the off season. This current setup will get us NOWHERE!!

Sean K. Hill
Washington, DC

WOW, I don't know what needs to be done. If we fire the defensive coodinator at this point and time will the defense get worse due to the coaching change.I think we need to motivate these guys some how. Better yet! we need to start getting ready to draft some new talent to start replacing some of these veterans because the way things are going it's gonna get worst. It also seems like when we play a good team and the defense is getting their butts kicked the offense also gives up like Brad Johnson. The motivation on offense starts to fade away. We!!and let me say it again!!We need some real leaders and some players with some heart and players who don't give up if that means replacing some of these veterans with young players so be it. It starts with the veterans being leaders on this team and not cry babies like brian mitchell. If you lost a step you lost a step.Wake Up!!!Darrell greens era is coming to an end. This receivers are to young, big and strong now days and just as fast. We better start stocki ng the shelves in the draft. Out in cowboy country.!!!!!OOOOh

Eric R. Chambers
Houston, Texas

Once again the offense is just as bad as the defense, but the defenser gets all the blame. A 41-minute time of possession for the Bills requires a second gunman: If the offense cannot get first downs, what do you think happens to time of possession. Look at all of the close losses in the Norv era--you'll find an offense that can't control the ball and is forced to hand over the ball; that's how we lost the first the first Dallas game. Wilbon et al. need to grasp this before yet another week of bashing the defense and nothing but the defense.

Dan Lynch

I've been watching football for over 25 years and to be perfectly honest, I have never seen a worse defense in my life. They can't hold anybody back in their own territory, can't stop third down conversions and can't pressure the quarterback. With these players, how can the defense be this bad ?? With this loss, they are probably going back themselves into a hole, they may not get out of !!

Vic Parady
Bordentown, N.J.

31st ranked defense out of 31 teams. How much worse can we get if Nolan is fired? Oh, and Matt Turk needs to enroll in some classes at NOVA. 'Get a head start on an exciting career in welding or something.

Alexandria, VA

FIRE NOLAN NOW!!!!!! The Redskins have too much talent on defense to be playing so bad. It must be the coaching. Even if we had a DECENT defense we would have a better record. Mr. Snyder, PLEASE let Nolan go NOW!!! If the Skins continue to play defense like this they can forget about the playoffs!!!!

Frank Smith, Jr.
Williamsburg, Va.

I have been a Redskins fan since 1968 and the Norv Turner era seam to be the worst. The offense can not continue to bail the defense out. If we had a halfway descent defense I think we would have at least a 7-1 record. Although the offense didn't play good yesterday they played good enough to win (even though they played 19 min.)if the defense would have showed up. I don't often criticize the Redskins but this has to stop. At first I thought the Skins might finally get to the playoff this year, but I don't think we will. Please Mr Snyder make a change please (Nolan).

James E.
Radcliff, KY

As I posted 2 weeks ago, this is typical of the Norv Turner era - inconsistency. Unfortunately, we were spoiled from 1971 through 1993 (except for a few years) by having George Allen and Joe Gibbs as head coaches. They were able to get more consistent, overall team efforts out of players that on paper were were not as talented as the players on the current roster. That leads me to only one conclusion - this team is poorly coached.

Roger Simon
Washington, D.C.

This was a dissappointing loss, and exposed our most glaring weaknesses, but the team can't let it completely derail them. I was glad to hear that D. Snyder's reaction was lower-key after this loss. This team has a great shot at going 10-6 and maybe having home-field for part of the playoffs. There's plenty of time to work on our deficiencies, and maybe lay the groundwork for even better things in the future. Hopefully the Skins respond with another rebound and maintain some confidence for the stretch run.

Chicago, IL

How can the defense be blamed for the loss to the Bills when the offense never gave them a rest. Everyone keeps saying the defense didn't stop the Bills but the real problem was the offense kept getting chased off the field after three plays.

Tom Rohan
Austin Texas

We difinetly not a playoff team!

norfolk virginia



Once again the 'skins were exposed for what they are - a poorly coached mediocre team with no defense. All we need is a head coach, a defensive coordinator, and a special teams coach and Washington fans might stay in their seats a little longer.


Defense (if you can call it that) looks more like an obstacle course. Getting James Thrash or someone else involved in the kick return game is a must.

Defense-less, D.C.

I liked it better when they were 3-13. At least there weren't any expectations. Why are you mad at Nolan, he can't fill the gaps and commit to the right assignments. He also can't make Darrell Green 4" taller. The game has changed and Darrell is a liability against bigger, taller, stronger recievers. The only thing his speed is good for now is chasing receivers down after they catch passes on him. When a team can run and pass at will...it's a joke. Quit upgrading the line and get yourself a dominant linebacker...at the least go out and find yourself a motivator. Maybe the Jets would be willing to give up Bryan Cox. The Redskins need a defensive prescence...they need attitude, that's the problem. They've never been the same since Wilbur Marshall was released.

Jim Kelly

Mike Nolan is genius. Positioning our linebackers 7 yards off the line of scrimmage so, by the time they make a play, the runningback is already 2 yards upfield is great!! Dropping a defensive tackle into coverage on a 4th and 8 and only rushing 3 linemen is a great call. Blitzing linebackers from the corners when you've been getting pounded up the middle diserves applause. When we were down 31-17 and all Buffalo was doing was running ball, he still kept 2 safeties deep. That is so smart!! Rushing four linemen on 3rd and long is perfect. I mean, no QB in the NFL can hurt you if you give him all day to throw. PLEASE!! This is the most un-aggressive defense I've ever seen. Mike Nolan's swiss cheese scheme has to go and so does he. All that talk in the pre-season about a more aggresive approach was a fraud. Norv can stay, Nolan must go!!! NOLAN IS A FRAUD!!

Skins fan stuck in Philly

Were just another regular season team we might take the nfc east title, better yet we might win another 3 games!


Does Mike Nolan know what it means to blitz? I cant recall one time on those 15 third down plays did we bring the house to try and pressure Flutie. The jurys out and the verdict is in, fire that bum Nolan now!

J. Smith
Hampton , VA

No defense equals no respect...How can the Redskins expect to go the next level when they can't stop a weak Buffalo team. That's right, a weak Buffalo team that scored only 13 points against the sorry Ravens. I hope Norv, Mike, and Lecharles suffer all week for not having our team ready to play a big game. I don't know about the rest of you folks, but I am sick of the Redskins being the joke of the No Fun League....At some point the Redskins need to show some heart instead of coming up with lame excuses when they fail to get the job done. The Redskins should have at least a two game lead in the NFC Least. What do we have instead? A team that has no idea of what it takes to win a division title or the confidence to beat a quality team...bitter and depressed in rainy Oregon

Ken Harlan
Eugene, OR

Here our some random thoughts on the Skins. When was the last time we blitzed? 1993. Stubblefield is a huge waste of money. Enough with this Zone defense, let's ATTACK. The Skins last BIG victory was in Philly in Nov 1996. Finally enough with the 1 arm tackling. With the way things are going, can we say COLLAPSE PART 2

John Foster
Shoreham NY

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